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I Wrote a Horrible Fictionpress Story Once

Updated on November 4, 2017
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A future journalist/author. ---------------------------------------------------

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When I was eleven years old, I discovered Fanfiction/Fictionpress, which catalysed my passion for creative writing and journalism because it's a site where people are able to express their creativity without serious judgement. There's a variety of individuals on there; the amateur writers who thrives off of the shipping of their favorite characters and the down-to-earth writers with excellent prose and serious subjects. And as I read the stories written, I was motivated to type up my own ideas on my laptop and express them on both fiction sites.

After my brief 'fling' with Fanfiction (I wrote DBZ and Twilight fanfic for six months), I turned to Fictionpress to write original content on there and not depend on characters from other media. And everything was okay, only I wasn't receiving as much views and comments that I would've desired- every month it was only one review.

But I believe it was because of my lack of activity on Fictionpress, but a busy life and horrible distractions kept me from actually updating my stories...

But anyway, because this article isn't about my activity range on both writing sites, I will inform you about this story that I once wrote based off a random thought in my head, and the rude review that made me realize how shitty it genuinely was.

The Far From Perfect Story

When I was thirteen, I was memorized by the fantasy and scientific fiction tales on Fictionpress. One of the stories that I remembered reading on the site was about a princess being kidnapped by a deranged prince who was determined to marry her, despite the clashes between his and her kingdom. Because the user completed deleted the story (I just checked) and I'm still fascinated by the plot, I decided to create my own version, only with a squeeze of spice and lime added 'wink'. I read other stories pertaining to a female lead, so in my next fiction press story there was a heroine, a Katniss Evergreen Dollar Tree ripoff, because she was skilled in crossbow.

Back then, I loved travelling outside of the box, no matter how disoriented and dysfunctional the exterior was painted. The place I went to wasn't pretty; it was a creative conjunction of interchangeable ideas.

So, the next thing I included in my story was a psychotic male antagonist, who in an apparent love interest to the heroine and a prince. And of course, both had to live in separate social classes, only in my tale, there weren't any 'SOCIAL' classes. Instead they lived in different universities.

The heroine lived in the woods, where her family and her friends inhabited huts and wielded scientific weapons from sci-FY movie. They even rode electric motorcycles and donned leather jackets, puffed sleeveless jackets and spandex tights.

What did I mention about the male being a prince? No, he wasn't the a crime lord prince that became attracted to the heroine, who challenged him and his crew to a race. He was a freakin' RENAISSANCE-ERA prince that lived in a castle with a jeweled crown and silk robes, while his love,(who lived in the same exact worlds as him...there wasn't even parallel universes) was a city girl.

So here's how the story went; the girl is sent a letter by the royal staff to inform her about a job opportunity that the prince debuted; a security guard. But, the requirements to get the job is to stay at the castle and challenge other potential-guards in race. when she goes over there, the prince automatically becomes smitten with her and attempt to pursue her.

I can't really go further of the plot because I only created two chapters when I saw the blatant 'This story sucks' from a rude user of Fictionpress.

At first, I was angry by this person's review...

Until now.

It's been a few months since I touched the account, and now that the story has been completely removed (due to Fictionpress's 90-day policy), I believe I can start over and create better stories...


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