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Updated on March 19, 2017


CHAPTER 1I've always liked my life in Galena. A beautiful village with friends who love me and a family that loves me. What more could you ask for?

I do not think about anything, because there is nothing that can improve my life by having those three things.
But lately, my life has changed. Not a small change like when you change your site in class for talking too much, but a big change; huge; A turn of one hundred and eighty degrees; If it was green before, now it's lilac; If I was happy before, now I'm not.
I dream of someone, a face without a face, but by its silhouette it looks like a very pretty girl, I feel its heart, I feel it fills me. But then:

Maverick! Cries my mother. "It's late!" I've cooked you breakfast and lunch. You'll be late for history if you do not hurry.

Now I have a totally different feeling than I had a second ago. I used to be calm and dreaming about that girl. Now my body is upset and I start getting dressed as fast as I can. Shit. I think so, too. I have history with Mrs. Pepper, the most maniacal woman I've ever seen. She's always dressed the same. In an elegant sweater and a formal shirt. It changes the colors but not the style, although almost always are usually ocher tones, even your car is ocher. History is the subject that I hate the most because I can not find meaning. I can not understand why I, an eighteen-year-old student, have to study the lives of people who have died or the conflicts over having more or less land. It's culture my parents tell me, but they do not understand my point of view of things. My mother knows that I have history because every time I arrive a minute late to class, a message arrives on her cell phone. And on Thursday evenings always get messages. That's why she made me breakfast and she prepared me lunch, since she does not usually do it. But I can not help being late, I do not know how I manage. Even if I get up twenty minutes, half an hour or a century before, I always arrive at the same time. Do not ask me why. If the institute starts at eight, I arrive at eight-ten.

Under the stairs, I eat the slice of bread bimbo with butter like a snake gobbling a mouse, I take my orange juice to throw it in my backpack and run. It's eight minutes to three minutes. If I hurry, it might be the first time in my life that I arrived just in time. I see the institute and the clock strikes eight minutes to two. I do not even know how I wear a watch if I always forget to wear it. At eight minus one minute. I open the front door, climb the stairs with a small stumble that makes me lose five seconds and finally I enter my class, classroom twenty-six. Just as I close the door, two beeps sound on my watch, marking exactly eight-zero-zero. At this moment I thank my parents for buying a house five minutes walk from the school, three running.

Mr. Thompson, "Mrs. Pepper says. What a nice surprise.
"I did not want to lose my magnificent explanations, Mrs. Pepper," I say ironically, though she does not take the irony.
Sit next to Mr. Gray.
But if I went next to Lena-I note that my tone of voice is increasing.
But this is my class, so I repeat it for the last time: Sit next to Mr. Gray, "he says with a hesitant tone, getting me to look bad in front of the whole class.

I curse in silence. We are thirty-two students in the class and Mrs. Pepper has to stand beside Reuben Gray, one of the participants in the great change of my life. I was so happy next to my best friend Lena.
Reuben has never been a popular guy. He has always been in the shade. I remember that at school I was known as a geek. Although at school we have all been geeks. I remember that my friend Lena and I had a group with more children with whom we played to have superpowers. It was incredible the imagination we had. It was the happiest stage of my life. When I played and did what I wanted, without caring about the opinion of others. Now it's all bullshit.

Our school frik group went undone and when we went to high school we made new friends, but Lena was always among them. I remember that the first three years of high school were also very happy for me, with my new group of friends. Reuben was among them, but he stayed between two sides, so we did not pay much attention. I remember I got on well with him. But as you know, people change. And it is in adolescence, that stage so disgusting when they begin to change. Your hormones are revolutionized. Sometimes their change is good, other times it seems that they are again five years old instead of sixteen.

For various reasons, Reuben left the other side a little, to start coming more with us. I did not care, because until then I was a very funny boy, but I do not know how it spoiled that personality, I guess it was to start to make a gap between the pimps of the gang. The funniest thing is that of pimp, have little, and personality, even less. They are the typical people who criticize you behind your back and do not dare to tell you things to the face, apart from that if one does something, the rest too. Anyway, I was going and I keep going from people like that.

The fourth year of high school was not exactly happy, but neither was it unpleasant. It is necessary to take into account, that independently of my personal problems, exams existed by means. But then came the fifth year. Seventeen years. A complete disaster.

The reason I hate Reuben so much is because for no reason, he started messing with me. Well, he and all the rest of the group of chulitos. Why? Because he was not as macho as they were. I did not play football or have a hole in that gang. I have always gone and I will always go more with girls, and I do not regret it nor will I regret it, because thanks to them, I have managed to develop a personality that characterizes me. And yes, I like girls.

For some reason Reuben had an awesome mania for me. He created everything. And the others followed. I've never understood him, but he has. His comments did not do me much harm, but they did me. Not because of what I said, that I rather care little, but because a friend like him, has stopped being so to make a hole in the gang.

My friends defended me, but not enough. They were just as gentle with him, and they laughed as much as they laughed before. I was angry, but I could not blame them. After all, if you like a person, you will not stop being his friend because your friend is not.

A tornado began to ruin my life. I started to separate from my group of friends so I did not see Reuben or the rest of the gang and just talked to my friend Lena in class. And now, the damn Mrs. Pepper has separated us to put me next to this asshole. With all the letters. But I decided to spend all his class and think about my things, my dream, that girl. Until finally the bell rings the change of class and I go so quickly to sit next to Lena, that I give a death scare to him.

To all this, my parents do not know anything about my state of mind. They think I'm as happy as ever. Like when I was eight years old and I played to be a superhero. While I am ungainly. The only thing that really fills me is tennis. And eat.

I've been seated next to Reuben, "I say to Lena, to make conversation.
I already saw it. Did he say something to you? "She seems interested, which surprises me because she does not like to talk about it.
No, you know he can not say anything to his face. He is a coward

Lena nods. It is the last word I mention on the subject. I do not feel like thinking about it all the time. Lena and I started talking about our things. The issue of vegan food comes up. We both would love to be vegans, but we do not have the strength of will to get it. Suddenly the director appears through the door. The class is excited to think that the math teacher, Mr. Philips, has not come, but then pokes his head behind the principal. It reminds me of a giraffe and I laugh in silence.

Maverick Thompson? Asks the director in a voice as serious as The Thing of "The Fantastic Four." He is a big man with a mustache, looks serious and strict, but he is one of the best people I know.
Yes? I reply timidly.
Your parents are looking for you.

Fear grips me. What have I done? It's the first thing I think of, but I have not done anything wrong these last few days, so I stopped worrying. The last time I was scolded was a week ago for not picking up the dishwasher. They are very strict. I do not show myself very affectionate with them, but I love them. I think they sometimes think not, but they know they do. My mother is always telling me that she misses my hugs and kisses when I was seven, but she has to understand that I am now eighteen. I get up, I take my things in case I do not go back to school, I say goodbye to Lena and I walk out the door without saying goodbye. Although there are many people that I like in my class, I refuse to say goodbye to those who do not. I go to the front door and see them, with a pitiful face. Then I was scared.


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