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IN2Deep-Hole In My Heart

Updated on January 3, 2012

A Hole In My Heart

The clouds all seem so grey today.

The sun nowhere to be found.

I'm sad, I am lonely, Iam feeling so blue

why can't I get comfort from you?

It's not your fault, I know you care,

I just always expected for you to be there.

We love we laugh we go our own way

but what is it we want? How it will stay?

I feel something is missing,

there is a hole in my heart

and it's just getting bigger

ripping me apart.

I want to feel happy,loved and romanced

can you even remember the last time we danced?

I'm probably just nagging or asking to much

A flower just because or a private lunch.

Are you feeling happy or sad and blue?

I wish communication was better with you.

Should we say it out loud or keep it inside?

Would it really matter if we keep pushing it aside?

We wait for things to happen

instead of making them happen

Is this the way love is suppose to be?

VLH 02/23/1999


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