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Is All About The Senses

Updated on May 2, 2013


Yes...! Is All About The Senses...!

Is all about the senses

is all about the moves

with no offenses

is all about how you

approach her mind

just relaxed and looking fine

the first door is open with a sign

a body language will

cross that line

a sweat that went

into thin air

without you even knowing

that she was there

the first sight and the first smile

will let you know that you have to

walk around and come around

enjoying the catch

that has been found

no offenses but women

want the same as you

you are the one to show your charms

you are the one who needs to be in command

she will find a way to let you know

that you need to make advances and don't let go...(sighs)

how to break the ice and from there

put in practice my advice

cool down, smile and say hi

deep inside she might be saying, you are mine

but play the game, explore

her eyes which will lead into her soul

and her mind

if she drops her keys

she made her first move

since you took too long indeed

if she walks nearby ...

then you need to improvise something

out of the blues

no waiting and no truce for you

if your heart starts pumping blood

then you are done

you just need to follow what was

actually planned by god

parents followed the same game and

welcomed you as a gift from up above

is so wonderful when you meet love

around that corner

where you bump into your future

in deepest awe and wonder

the plan is shifted into first gear

no worries, not even the slightest fears

just follow your instincts and enjoy

the life that you treasured so dearly

in your dreams

if you give your awaited share

you will receive accordingly from her

if you treat her right

she will love you for life

if you do her wrong

she will be gone before long

women need your time and comprehension

don't even try to watch that game

when she is in need of your attention

don't even go fishing when she feels

that sweet suffocation

learn to listen and don't fall asleep on her

she will always be loving and

will keep an eternal connection

learn to love her as though it was

your first date

learn to surprise that sweet chosen mate...

who actually chose you from that first day...!


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