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ISIS,friend or foe

Updated on November 9, 2015

Poor Iraq,it's like Groundhog Day.

Latest jihadists

Isis terror group,are they friend to Iraq or foe

to be quite honest,does anyone know

they appear to have stolen a country,for all Iraqis ,I'm not sold

killing and assassinations every day,they are ruthless and bold

openly shooting Iraqi officers if they don't show their loyal

more nightmares for Iraqi people,endless toil.

killing and maiming,no laws to uphold

people are terrified,they are bullied and told

where to walk,feed,pray and live

civilisation has disappeared through a lawless sieve .

rest of the world just stands by and observes

daily atrocities,things no one deserves

its awful,heartbreaking sad and unjust

we need to get together,saving this country is a must.

teach the Isis terrorists ,murder has a price

take them face on,roll the justice dice.

they will scatter like pollen flying in the air

it's time they suffered,time to scare.

a taste of their own medicine,justice should be served

the way the operate,no mercy it's deserved.

execute them similar to what the inflict on the civilians

treat them like scum,like proper villains .

they deserve nothing less,than a certain fate

get Iraq back,give them hope,secure their fate.

as a country they've suffered ,like no other to date

civil wars ,infighting, the atrocities are hard to rate

what war was worse,how many more need to die

how many more mothers are forced to cry.

watch their kids and husbands die,it's a horrible reality

saving this country will be hard, is not a formality.

clear out the Isis bullies,get proper people to take over

it will take time,they're troubles are far from over.

Very disciplined,well organised.

Why we all should fear IS.

the group is not your average splinter group.they are well funded,plenty of countries and individuals are quite willing to fund the group.the USA tries to freeze assets,but they always have other avenues for funding.they are also well organised,well disciplineed,and probably the most important fact is,there are always fresh recruits willing to join their cause.well documented recruits from America and the Uk,there are a constant supply of foreigners willing to fight for the IS cause.

Well funded,plenty of supporters.

Die for a cause.

the IS fighters are very dedicated in their beliefs,they are dedicated in their hatred of the west.they are very dangerous in the sense that they are willing to die for what they deem to be a threat.the West is the greatest enemy of IS.they will stop at nothing to succeed in their after man willing to lay his life down to achieve their aims.some say they are foolish,others say they are dedicated.everyone is entitled to formulate their own opinion.the facts are clear to see.public executions of journalists,charity workers,there's no levels they won't stoop to to promote their cause.


Big Player.

IS is arguably the richest terror group in the world at this time.terror experts have researched all known groups active in the world,and IS is by far the best funded organisation.most other so called terror groups funding doesn't come close to what IS receives.

Money Talks.

experts in intelligence reckon IS takes in one point eight million per day from exploitation of human trafficking,oil reserves,corruption.

charity workers through gathering information say that IS control as much as eleven oil fields which is a constant funding source for their activities.

Taxing Locals.

in Iraq the IS imposed their own tax system on local citizens.their collection methods were very much based on intimidation and threats of death to whoever did not pay.

they also had a lucrative business selling antiquities that were in Iraq after the war,they sold them to countries as far apart as Turkey.after the War in Iraq it was a free for all but IS took the lions share of precious goods sold on the black market.

What's the Solution?

How will the world in partnership deal with this ever present threat.its not going to be defeated by conventional means,they wont ever come to the table to negotiate a ceasefire.the world as one need to come up with a solution to stop the needless killing of innocent Iraqui citizens.there must be a solution somewhere to this scurge on society.maybe the worlds cleverest people and experts need to sit at a table and discuss what the next step will be,as clearly this cannot be allowed to continue.


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    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 3 years ago from Morocco

      ISIS is a Wahhabi Group just like Al-Nusra Front and AL-Qaeda and several Others that are creations of Arrogant Powers Intelligence agencies and their Tools in the Middle East , They are mere tools that are commissioned to divide and reshape the Arab world into Weak Mini states that represent Religious and or Ethnic Minorities that will in turn weaken Arab and Muslim States in favor of Justifying A Strong Zionist State in the Heart of the Arab and Muslim States for decades into the Future.