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Updated on November 11, 2015

Terror continues.

IS-Islamic State.

ISIS,or the Islamic State
Bringing death and tragedy,horrible fate.
Using a good religion,and a people's belief
To kill and maim,to cause horrific grief.
What's to be gained,by us being involved
After we are gone,is the problem solved?
Fighting a losing battle,a formidable foe
All our military might,is always on show.
Best technology and weapons,still we struggle
To get the upper hand,a never ending struggle.
They are well trained and fanatical,will die for their cause
We need to think hard,maybe even take a small pause,
Fighting them blind is a fruitless task
They fight in the shadows,while wearing a mask.
Where does it end,what's the final result
Need to break their will,almost like a cult.
Attractive to young girls as well as young men
What is it they have,fight with guns,not the pen,
Death and destruction,what's the final death toll?
What are the United Nations doing,what exactly is their role?
All talking, no action to break up this infraction.
Bodies pile up,what the hell is up?
When will we take a stand,when will the world join together
Banish this evil for good,get rid of it forever.
I feel deeply for the families who lose their sons every day
We have it good in Britain,less worries each day.
These people have no food,no shelter,no hope
Can't be expected to survive on nothing,they can't just cope.
More aid is needed,more feet on the ground
On a solid footing,a more stable ground.
As long as there's a cause,people will always be willing
Throwing away their life's,senseless killing.
Idealistic kids with dreams of being a hero
After they are killed,they are worth precisely zero.
Never remembered,except by Islamic State
Never will be allowed to enter heavens gate.
Mums and Das cry,at the loss of their kids
Reaching Syria,life's scales are on bids.
Never to return,lost families forever
Death and destruction,is the constant giver.
Lives torn apart for a deluded cause
Arguments are flawed,there will be no applause.
Apparently righting some wrongs, killing innocent people
Death continues to climb the insurmountable steeple.
What is the solution,does anyone know
Which road will we take,which route will we go.
Governments at a loss,United Nations are stumped
All the while increasing,emotions are pumped.
Death rises with impunity,a ruthless rout to take
They sense our lies,not fooled by a fake.
Very clever and erudite,switched on and ready
The sight of the gun in a hand that's so steady.
In the past underestimated,laughed at and ignored
All the while their knowledge was increasingly scored.

Controversial Hub?

This hub and pictures may be a bit brutal,but I believe in writing about the truth.The Hub is maybe a bit brutal,but no more brutal than the organisation I write about.The operate on a policy of killing,violence,terror,torture.Their brutality knows no bounds.They can never get respect when their only currency is fear and intimidation of people and countries. They can never come to the negotiating table up unless they start on a road of negotiation minus murder and torture,like normal human beings do. Maybe in the future they may begin a normal way of communicating and negotiating with countries far and wide,but that's not going to be for some time it seems.

Policy of Fear.

Instilling a complex of fear.

Over the past few weeks its been very well publicised about British Muslim girls leaving Britain to join IS. What stories are these young kids being told that would make them up and leave everything they know ,everything they know which is safety,love,family. They go to a desperate country, where no good will come of their arriving there.They will undoubtedly be used and abused in some heinous scheme to inflict horror on some unfortunate family or person. The story they were told must have been very convincing to warrant such an upheaval.This week a group of Muslim doctors have also fled the UK to go to Syria to help the wounded in hospitals. They are apparently negotiating with the Islamic State to be allowed in to tend the wounded in occupied areas of Syria. I don't fancy their chances,they cannot talk these people,in all likelihood they may well end up dead if they defy the tyrants. Their intentions i do respect and congratulate,but I fear it will end up in tragedy

Violence is the currency.

Crushing power.

imagine a life of terror and devotion

to some of us ,it's an alien notion.

adhering to a master,never to disobey

while kneeling before God ,to worship and pray.

defiance not tolerated,nothing but compliance

death is the punishment ,if you consider defiance.

a life of loyalty,obedience,and threats

life is over,you can cancel all bets.

your life will never again be your own

the seeds of evil and definitely sown.

Worldwide solution,congress.

IS,is a world wide problem.the whole world of nations needs to sit around the peace table and get the thinking caps on to find a way to defeat this scurge on the world.The powers that be,need to start taking definitive action so we don't see the horriffic daily headlines of more deaths of innocent people. This menace on the human race needs to be ended for ever.It can't be allowed to live longer than it has already,it needs to be halted severely,maybe as severely as they treat their prisoners. The only way this group of people understand is violence,its the only way they do business.maybe it is time we took a leaf from this book and fight fire with fire,it may take something this extreme to rid ourselves of this plague for ever.One things for sure,if we do nothing,it's only going to get worse,much worse.

What would we see?

What would we see,if this scurge was no more?

what's the end game,what's the final score.

a world of peace,no one lives in fear

no more parents on TV,shedding a tear.

idealistic maybe,a dream to behold

maybe futuristic,even a tad bold.

a vision that can happen,if we take the right road

we can eventually feel safe ,in our humble abode.

hope it's not far in the future,I hope we will see

A great day will begin,I pray it can be.

Killing for fun.

if someone sat and counted up how many people have lost their lives ,since this terrorist organisation has been in existence,I think the total may shock most people. Taking in to consideration the total will probably be higher,the stories seen on television are the reported crimes,there are probably just as many crimes go unreported. Think of how many innocent people are killed or tortured that are not headline stories.i think if these people often.we have a great life compared to these people,we don't live daily in fear,we live in a free country. This is a dream these people look up to,a dream they hopefully can achieve one day.As the human race marches on,the future might be brighter for the people of Syria.Once their dictator of a leader is deposed and removed,only then may they go forward.A dream we all wish for these long suffering people.

Fanatical supporters.

The end of the gun.

nothing can be achieved at the end of a gun

the pressure is telling,it weighs a tonne.

no one will respect you,admire you or adhere

if your rules are intimidation,and implanting real fear.

cannot crush human spirit,can't crush the dream

the world is with them,all on the same team.

the day will come ,in the future i pray

Syria will be free,look forward to that day.

The march on continues.

Innocent people slaughtered.


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    • bigj1969 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Marshall 

      3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks peachpurple for the comment.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      yeah, you are brave to voice out, thumbs up

    • bigj1969 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Marshall 

      3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Ericdierker,your right,it is a touch subject with no apparent solution.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A very tough hub on very tough issues. Much food for thought.


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