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~Its Apart of Me~

Updated on November 23, 2017


Reminiscing of a time in life filled with purpose, challenge, character and a desire to persevere...


~The Good old Day's~

Returning to the old neighborhood was quite a treat, same old faces on the same old streets,

same old houses on the same old blocks, it was like time had stood still turning back the hands on the clock.

Buildings still stood strong and tall, new born christians still hearing the call, old hustlers still gracing the walls, many of them thought they heard the call.

The houses were literally the same, I recall thinking to myself, "This is a shame!" Don't laugh! you know its true, we didn't have enough money to do
what we wanted to.

Children running barefoot, jumping double dutch in the streets, playing tederball, hop scotch and hiding seek, yes! I remember it well, it is apart of me.

Old folk's sitting around chatting about life, nomads standing on corners blowing the breeze shooting dice, teenage boys playing a game called, "passing gas" somebody please woop their A##.

Those of you who are slightly shocked don't be! time out was spankings in our little community.

Young mothers with new born babies on every block, I wish I could tell you this was a shock, but reality cuts like a knife, bringing back memories of my own life.

The neighborhood mini mart had the same old sale, believe it or not the bread was still stale. Young girls in multi color makeup, somebody please tell them that's just a mess.

The aroma from the kitchens will knock you off your feet, you know you're at home when you smell soulfood in the streets.

Barbecue pits lit, music jamming, old folks doing the funky chicken, youngers break dancing with a new twist, do you get the vision of all this?

Book worms studying to break free from the chaos of the community, so they struggle to fulfill their dreams of equality, those left behind when evolution robs them of hope, find new ways to survive and cope.

Yet all that stood before me was amazing to see, the young and the old on the neighborhood streets, barreling through time to greet eternity, yes I remember it well it use to be me.



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