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Its a Fix

Updated on November 9, 2015

About Reality Television.


Reality tv is be coming a joke,

quite literally giving me the boak.

crappy singers, tears and a hit

what happened to this show

it used to be a hit.


every week my patience they test.

i fear for television, if this is the best

never mind real TV,stuff all the rest

Boss man thinks hel rules the TV

His show is fixed,its clear to see.

years ago, these these people never had a chance

the shows full of freaks ,anyone has a chance.

stop watching ,this mind numbing(supossed hit.)

maybe producers will find another hit.

reality shows have taken over the TV

turn of your tele,let the freaks be.

Taking over.

reality TV is taking over viewing,years ago you would be lucky to see one or two reality shows per year. Now,every channel has its own version of a reality show.some are watchable barely,others are shockingly bad. The ones where the public watch people sleeping,or talking about their relationships are aweful. I struggle to see the attraction of watching people ,or so called celebrities sleeping. Or worse,blurting out the worst parts of their relationships for all to digest. It shocks me sometimes what passes for entertainment these days.

Influx of rubbish.

Is it really tv?

Mock the afflicted.

certain shows that will remain nameless,encourage people to audition who clearly can't sing and have no visible talent,to be made a fool of for public amusement. I think most of us are guilty of laughing when we really shouldn't,but I do feel sorry for these people who are genuinely deluded in to thinking they can sing or dance, the public demands in the audition stage, a couple of nutters for laughing purposes,it's sad to say,but the television ratings skyrocket at these stages of the shows.

More or less?

What kind of reality tv next?

See results


Reality tv is quite addictive,even I have to admit this fact. They make millions of pounds weekly from advertising these shows,because they know people cannot wait to flick on their televisions and get zoned in.It has pretty much took over what used to be normal viewing on television.The main reason people audition for these shows is simple,if you get on Television,your instantly have instant fame,reality is a get rich fix for people who want a short cut to fame and fortune.Its quite worrying a statistic I heard on TV recently,apparently the programme T.O.W.I.E or the only way is Essex,has brought in an estimated 2 billion pounds in revenue for the country. My god,I watched ten minutes of this programme when it first aired,I felt I was getting more stupid the more I watched,I actually felt dumber after watching it. I supposse this is the way of the world now. Reality TV is a huge beast now,it's set to run wild yet for another few years.

Just having a fun poke at the monster that is reality tv.

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    • kookoo88 profile image

      kookoo88 7 years ago from Cripple Creek

      there are definitely too many reality shows. very true.