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I Was Told

Updated on September 2, 2013

Look to the moon look to the sun

Look to the stars dont turn and run

Look to the sky we are still here just

Open your eyes, you'll know we are near

And as I looked into skies above

I saw a sight I've come to love

The hawks did fly in endless circle

Three at first and then a double

And then I saw in full amazement

A fledgling hawk circle with three

And together they flew with fledgling did they

And I knew that I still infant lay

In spirit scared and doing my best

To pass through this difficult test

And with those there I will succeed

And smile return and then to read

The signs and signals, the hope and joy

That resides within those that I enjoy

I love you my angel you keep me here

And with your love I feel less fear

Than I have had in past few days

Even though I remain amazed

At the things I have seen

At the wonders that have been

Though physical brings doubt

I know this too will be thrown out

Of my spirit mind and soul and heart

So I will endeavor to play my part

In the riddle of life and riddle of universe

And be in communion and with them converse

To bring me back to joyful spirit

And all of the love that comes within it

Kari Shinal-Copyright-Jan. 29, 2007


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