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Updated on March 5, 2011

i made supplication

to my heart

to my very heart

thudding and flopping



i prayed to the flesh

how the spirit gives way

i set up my altar

i found beasts to slay

i asked only that

the beat would go on

my glistening, grinding

red organ song

but the flesh made no answer

as if by design

the Universe tune

is ever so fine

i smashed up my idols

i burned up my books

i cast to an early grave

the high and proud looks

and the Universe met me there

and It said, "I'm Alive"

and It beat like a steady heart

that was keeping good Time

and It entered pact with me

a civil cease-fire

after It had destroyed me

and a new breath inspired

i'm cutting my ties again

i'm burning those old bridges

around the world and home again

i'm making decisions


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