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I'd Know You Anywhere

Updated on April 30, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- Is a blend of Stubbornness, and charm. She writes about experiences, and constantly pokes fun at her Feminist view.

Have you seen Him

I see your Face everywhere I go

Always in shadow

The other Day, as you walked by

I caught a glimpse

your black overcoat brushing against my ankles

Elbows bent holding tightly to your hat

Pulled low over furrowed brow.

Head down to ward off the wind,

And tilted just so and to the left,

Towards cold barren walls that hold the trace of Years of neglect.

I watched in silence as you

jauntily skipped the last and up the stairs

To what I imagined sanctuary

Your smell lingers in my mind

And I breathe in air that fills my lungs to capacity.


I imagine your face

Square jaw, prominent; lips, sin!

A strong patriarchal nose

And eye's sadly beautiful

Deep black as the depths of the ocean walls consumes me.

I see your face, only in shadow.

But I would know you anywhere.


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