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I'd Like to Be Born Again

Updated on November 21, 2013

I'd Like to Be Born Again...

I’ve travelled far and wide across miles of known and the unknown

I’ve seen the mountains and their towering snow caps

I’ve witnessed the depths of molten core beneath

I’ve dreamed, visualized and filled my eyes with the world

I’d like to be born again to see all of it again with a different pair

I’ve listened to the music of countless harmonies around

I’ve heard the heart-pounding noises galore beyond sound

I’ve lent my ears, along with my heart, in many rhythms

I’ve overwhelmed my ears with cacophony & sweetness abound

I’d like to be born again to hear, and listen, to a different tune

I’ve experienced life in many lives, and the death amongst lives

I’ve learnt unknown lessons, and about unfamiliar drives

I’ve gathered invaluable knowledge of a fraction of it all

I’ve quenched my brain, my soul amidst hours of arid strife

I’d like to be born again, to live again, to be Alive again


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