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Ideas for Webpage and Newsletter Content

Updated on May 4, 2011

How to get story ideas

Newsletters and web content require a constant flow of new stories.  Where do you go for ideas?
Newsletters and web content require a constant flow of new stories. Where do you go for ideas? | Source

Sources for news stories

Writing content for website newspages or printed newsletters? Coming up with story ideas can be challenging, sometimes. It doesn’t have to be impossible, however. Topics for news stories and other subject matter can come from anywhere. Here are some typical items you might want to consider:

•Industry trends

•New product or new service announcements

•Changes or improvements in procedures

•Case histories of customers making successful use of company products or services

•Profiles of employees, particularly those with an interesting skill or expertise that can benefit members of your audience

•How-to articles

•Statistical information from industry trade associations

•Mysteries solved (by customers or by the company)

•News about seminars, workshops, other educational opportunities

•Classified ads (for both company and customers)

•Tips on saving time, money, etc.

•New scientific developments

•Changes in laws or regulations

•A calendar of upcoming events

•News briefs – summaries of items that are of interest to readers

•Interviews of interesting people in your service area

•Lists of company contacts or available resources, with phone numbers for customers to call

•Follow-ups on past stories (what happened since your first report)

•Idea exchange or suggestion box – using tips that have been supplied by employees or customers

•Unusual photos, images, or illustrations relevant to your topic

•Letters to the editor, blogs, or questions from customers (with answers from someone in the company who’s an expert on the particular subject)


•Teasers on upcoming programs or promotions


•Predictions for the future

•Free literature available to customers

•Staff additions, departures, transfers, promotions

•Public service activities the company is involved in

•Fillers – jokes, stories, interesting facts, etc.

Sources of articles

Where do you find material like this? Other websites; trade journals and other newsletters; consumer magazines & newspapers; business publications; government publications; personal contacts; networking with colleagues and friends; editorial boards; phone calls/interviews; case histories; library resources; databases, etc.


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