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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers... part eighty eight

Updated on November 4, 2011

In the whirl wind days that followed, Carl found himself hounded by reporters. Rick was out of the hospital and going to see Lynn every day at the cardiac rehab unit. Jenny kept her job as a member of the PR department at Lansing Memorial. Charlie? He stayed with Oscar and Millie to keep Katie company. The boys had healed their broken limbs and returned to Jenny's old apartment. With the sign "closed for remodeling" sign removed from the Watering Hole, a private party was planned to be held that night.

John Matthews sat in the straight backed chair. His lawyer sat back staring at him.

"The trial is planned for in two months. It was all I could do to get that much time."

"No trial. I plead guilty."

"What ...what do you mean?"

"Just that. Tell the prosecutor this...."

The defense attorney sat back in his chair. It had been the same answer from all three of the four Matthews brothers in prison.


Stanley Kutzavich looked up. There stood Brett Zebrowsky.

"Take a seat, Brett. You look like a feather could knock you over."

"I want to talk a deal."

"Give me a break. Like that is going to happen. I have your clients six ways from Sunday. They are caught and guilty as hell."

Zebrowsky sighed heavily. "Have you ever heard of the Sins of the father defense?"

"What?" Stanley leaned forward. "You are going to try and use that?"

"Stan, listen to the deal. Or I will make your life in court a living hell. I will pull records of abuse of these men from age one on. Money kept it under wraps. That old man made these monsters and I will go for the mercy of the jury.... and remember, I go after you. Who do you think will remember what you say... after you bore them with DNA reports and what not."

"Not that I am really interested in what these murderers have to say, but I will listen."

"John, A.J. and Martin Matthews will plead guilty as charged. No contest."

Stanley narrowed his brows, "In exchange, for what?"

"Aaron Christopher Matthews must go to a minimum security psych unit for the rest of his life. He must be allowed to play his number games and be left alone."


"Think about all the money you will save the taxpayers. These three are willing to go to Federal prison for life... death row if the judge deems it. But Aaron, he was just the accountant. His Asperger's Syndrome is also a matter of record. He never was allowed a normal life with morals taught.... He watched his brothers live with that abusive prick of a dad. He only wanted to help them.... Understand?"

Stanley looked at Brett.

"If we agree on this, you are not going to pull some trick to appeal, are you?"

"Why would I? As soon as this agreement is sighed, I am no longer employed by the Matthews."

"You mean they will go to the Plea trial without representation?"

"As long as Chris gets what they asked for."

"Damn." Stanley looked at his watch. "I am going to have to clear this with the District Attorney. I have been recused from this due to my wife's involvement. Can you meet me here tomorrow say around ten? I have a meeting set up with Allison then to turn over the rest of my files. But I want the names of everyone that the Matthews murdered for their organs, before that. Okay? As for the recipients... the jury is still out on that."

"For that to happen they all will have to meet together. Hell, they may have records hidden that you don't know about yet. Chris was meticulous."

"We already searched the premises and the computers. We actually found very little. It was Steve Hauser's records that we have to tie the murders to them."

"Feel up to a meeting now?"

Stanley looked at his long time foe.

"This seems too good to be true."

"And maybe you should not look a gift horse in the mouth."

Stanley leaned forward.

"You understand, for this to happen, I will have to make special arrangemtns."

"Take all the time you need. I charge by the hour." Brett looked at his nails as Stanley got on the phone to the Attorney General's office.


Jenny sat across the table from Carl looking at the tired worn out face.

"I know this is rough on you, but how did the old man take it when he heard your Uncles were in prison."

Carl sighed as he looked into his coffee. "I am sorry to say, he did not even flinch. Quote, "Serves them right for getting caught." Unquote."

"Man, that is cold."

"Cold does not describe that old man. I wanted to tell him that he was still alive because of my brother, but I couldn't. To say that to him, would make me feel like I was betraying Allan some how."

"Carl?" Jenny leaned forward and took a hold of his hand. "You are not like them. You aren't. I would not have fallen in love with you if you were."

"Jenny, when all this is done and over, I am planning on changing my name and leaving this place. Would you go with me?"

"We will talk about this when it is done and over. If leaving is truly the only way, then and only then will I go with you. Okay?" She smiled at him lowering her head so she could catch his eye.

"Okay. I will hold you to that."


Rick sat stunned. He listened as Dejuan played the tape for him of the confessions that fell out the mouths of his Uncles, and his father. He caught his breath when he heard the confirmation that indeed, they had killed Allan for his heart. That people were nothing but product for them to sell... He leaned back as the last of the tape went off.

"Rick, are you okay?"

Rick looked at the men.

"I have to get back to the company. I have to call an emergency board meeting. I have to meet with Carl now.. and then get my Uncles to turn over their stock. I have to go...." He rambled the words as fast as his mind could work.

"Stop." Deshaun stood up and caught the man who looked like he needed to run a hundred yard dash. "You are in no condition to drive after hearing all of that."

Dejuan reached into Rick's pocket. "I always wanted to know what it would be like to be a Chauffeur." He looked at his brother. "And I feel exceptionally lucky today."

Dejuan, behind the wheel, Deshaun in the back with Rick, taking his phone and asking him who to call....

All four Uncle in laws were found and the meeting was set up for five o'clock. Carl had been located and Dejuan picked him up outslde of Lansing Memorial.

"This wasn't necessary. I could have driven myself." Mumbled Carl as Deshaun got in the front seat to ride shotgun, allowing the cousins to sit in the back.

Carl had avoided Rick since the incident and did not know how to even express how sorry he was.

"You know, my mother always told me I was hard headed." Rick began. "Now I know it is true. Even the doctor told me how lucky I was."

Carl looked down at his hands. "I am very, incredibly sorry, Rick."

"I heard the confessions you got out of them. It must have been very hard to hear how your brother died."

Carl started to cry.

"And then stuff about Jenny... I bet that turned in your gut."

Carl started to sniffle.

"And then to hear all that garbage that they spewed. I bet you were seething with frustration."

Carl took his handerchief and wiped his eyes.

"The hardest was when they carried you away. I thought I would die."

Rick opened his arms and pulled a reluctant Carl into them.

"All is forgiven, cousin. If I learned anything from Charlie, it is the importance of a hug. You lived amongst them for twelve years without a friend save your mom to protect you. I am so glad I met you at sixteen. You gave me hope for them. You did beat them, you know. You, Carl. Not me... You. and I, for one, am grateful." He reached back as the sobs gave way to sniffles again and nuggied the man's head. "But if you ever try that again, I will have your hyde. Understood?"

"Yes." Carl pulled back and righted himself in his seat.

"Family?" Deshaun asked.

"Family." Rick answered.

"YUP. Lucky as all get out, today." Dejuan stated to no one particular.

to be continued....


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from usa

      thank you. i could have never attempted this without your support. thank you.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      10 years ago

      Now that is more like it, Jean! This chapter makes the last work with a little left over for the wrap up to take place.

      The unexpected capitulation of the triumverant of Evil Uncles, the cold calousness of their Patriarch and the reunification of the Cousins was done with style. Not how I would have written it but then this is your story and it works just as well, this way too!

      Voted Up and pushed all the buttons because this part had it all, Jean! Great Read, Well Done, Bravo!

      Regards Mike! (Aka Professor M!) ;D



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