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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part sixty six.

Updated on June 19, 2011

Rick watched the entourage leave. He stood up by the windows of the big office. Storm clouds were rushing in and a heavy rain started to fall. He sent a text to Dejuan.

"I have someone you have to find... Steve Hauser's daughter to be exact. It is very important we reach her."

"So, I take it, Steve did not make it out alive? What about the police?"

"Don't know about what the police are thinking. As far as Steve is concerned, he became a donor. I just think that he must have left some kind of evidence linking the Matthews family to the organ trafficking with her and it will probably be the only chance we have to prove it."

"If things are like we think, then she should be a patient at Charity... Okay. I will get to work on it right away." Dejuan paused. "She would be an orphan now. Man, this really sucks."

"Get right on this. I will keep the family distracted in any way I can. I am hoping they will be too busy to worry about a sixteen year old orphan."


John sat in the limo outside the hospital. His man reported that Jenny had gone shopping at the mall, visited a nursing home, and then seemed to be heading back here to the hospital. So, she isn't running... maybe she is a gold digger after all. If so, then I could rip Carl's heart out in front of her and she would go with me.... there would be no choice. Carl would be so distraught that his mother would certainly become less important. Sara would have to be released soon, and then I could talk some sense into her. Ah, the possibilities...

John got out of his car when the taxi reappeared in front of the hospital. He walked up to a woman with blond hair, a black t-shirt and jeans. He grabbed her shoulder and turned her quickly to face him.

He frowned. "Who...who are you?"

Janice showed surprise at this strange man who grabbed her.

"I I think I should be asking you the same question?"

John glared. "I thought you were someone else."

"Well, obviously, you have got the wrong person. Now, if you will excuse me?" She turned to head to the entrance.

John reached up and touched her shoulder again.

"I am sorry for the intrusion, but you really look like a girl I know." He stated, noting the left side of this woman's face, and wondering how she would ever show it in public.

Janice purposefully pulled the long hair away from her left side to give the man a full view.

"Really, now, I would think that this would definitely make me an individual and not look like anyone else."


Dr. Clark had finished his surgery and read the text on his phone. He sighed with relief and headed to the front of the hospital. He noticed a tall man standing by his Janice, talking with her. He walked out of the entrance and went up to her and smiled.

"So, what is a beautiful gal like you doing in a place like this?" in his cheesiest come on line. He smiled at her.

John took one look at the guy who was grinning at this particularly ugly woman, wondering, what beautiful gal?

"I was just going to visit a sick friend." Janice smiled back at him, "But now that I have seen you, I just cannot remember her name." Again, speaking very sweetly and oozing with honey.

John looked at the two of them who were staring at each other like the world had stopped.

"Give me a freaking break," he muttered under his breath as he was thinking about the same sweetness he had noticed between Oscar and Millie. He shook his head and cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Ah, Sam, it seems we have been caught."

"Ah, well, it would have happened sooner or later."

John thought, caught? Were these two helping Jenny in some way?

Sam turned to John. "I am sorry. My name is Dr. Sam Clark and this is my wife, Janice. You will have to excuse us. After fifteen years of marriage, we sometimes have role play dates." He smiled at Janice and took her hand and kissed it. "I just cannot ever get bored with this woman. She always surprises me." He turned to the tall man and gave him an appraising stare. "You weren't hitting on my woman, now were you?"

"Ah, er, no. Not really, she just reminded me of someone when I saw her from far away. I would never get her confused up close like this."

Sam smiled taking Janice by the hand. "No one could get confused by my Janice. She is one of a kind. Now, if you will excuse us, I hope you will find whoever it is you are looking for." Sam dismissed him and tucked Janice's hand under his arm. "Come on. I made a lunch reservation."

"So, how was your day?" Janice asked brightly, as the couple turned and walked away from one confused and disturbed John.

John text-ed his man. "Where is she?"

"She was the one in the taxi."

"That wasn't her, you fool." John returned to his limo.


Carl got his discharge paperwork. He held the SUV keys in his hand. The world seemed so small and dull without Jenny. He remembered when he saw his mother last. She kept reassuring him like any mother would that everything would be alright, that she would be alright, but it did not ring quite true. She kept asking him where Jenny was. He finally told her that she had left because things were just so hard right now. Sara gave him an expression of sorrow and total devastation. He watched Sara pull into herself. She almost disappeared.

He was pulled out of his musings as a nurse cleared her throat. He looked up and saw that she was holding a wheel chair. He declined the offer. He walked slowly towards the elevator.


Jenny stood outside of the ICU. She entered into Sara's room and sat down beside the bed, looking at the woman, she reached up and held her hand. Sara's eyes fluttered open and she focused on the pretty blond sitting beside her bed.


"Yes, Sara. I am here."

"I have missed you."

"Sara, I have only been gone a couple of hours."

"Carl said you were leaving."

"About that, Sara. Can you keep my presence a secret?"

Sara nodded with her eyes appearing troubled.


"Because... John Matthews has noticed me." She looked to see if the woman had understood that ramification.

"Yeah... Okay. So you just want Carl to be safe, and hide out a while."

"Yes. I want all my friends to be safe. But an opportunity has arisen and I have a job here for now, so I can come visit you often. Is that okay?"

"Yeah." She looked at the girl, "Jenny, when does all this stop hurting?"

"When you physically heal, I guess..." She paused..."Or is that what you are talking about?"

"No. I feel so ashamed..."

Jenny took Sara's hand and held it to her face. "Time. Talk. Not burying it so deep into your soul that you let A.J. win." She gave Sara an encouraging smile. "I will be with you for this journey. I am still healing myself. Just remember it wasn't anything you did or did not do... it was all about control of you. That was what AJ. wanted. He needs you to stay the victim so that he would be able to manipulate you." She took Sara's hand and laid it down beside her. "I am just so sorry that I wasn't there to help you in time... that this all happened to you."

"Stop. Stop this. I don't need my mentor to be this way. I don't have the strength to argue with you, save this... without you I would not have been able to stand up. Once I get on my feet, physically, I will need all the support I can get to face A.J. and get rid of him for good."

Jenny nodded and then gave her hand a squeeze. "I will support you in every way I can."

Jenny looked at the time. Her physical for the hospital was in fifteen minutes.

"Sara, I have got to go. I will return soon. Remember, Carl must not know I am here. Okay?"

Sara nodded.

Jenny leaned over and gave the woman a quick kiss on the cheek and left.

Carl hit the elevator button for 2. As he got off, a blond haired woman got on another elevator and headed to main.


Charlie and Joe sat in the van. Talk of the upcoming product tests was the buzz in the van.

"Charlie, I am so glad you were able to help us on this project."

Charlie smiled. "Me, too. What is a project?"

"Ah, well, it is what we call our work. And you helped us alot."

Charlie grinned. "Li Li is happy, too."

"About Lynn, why didn't you want to ride with her in the other van?"

"Charlie wants to meet the children who cannot see, first. Charlie wants to see Joe's special friend."

Joe turned a little red. "Um, about that, I don't think she knows I like her could you keep that to yourself?"

"She knows." Charlie stated with the assured smile of a six year old.

The rain that had started to come down gently, now, was falling in torrents.


Mrs. Smith picked up the phone call. She gasped, hung up and headed straight into the boss' office, not bothering to knock on the door. She was pale.

Rick looked up at his executive assistant who looked like a feather would have bowled her over.

"Mrs. Smith?"

"Boss? I have something to report."

"What? What is it?"

"There was a pile up on the interstate this morning."


"Both vans were involved. They are being dispersed to all the area's hospitals in the tri county region."



to be continued


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thankyou again, for your kind encouragement.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      I just don't get it, Jean! This is excellently written has all the right ingredients and flows perfectly well with the storyline.

      It even has a dynamite "Cliffhanger" as the lead in to the next chapter. Everything a reader could want in an action thriller, so where are the Comments?

      Come on people this series is dramatic, explosive and suspense filled. It screams "Read me and I'll more than entertain you, I'll knock your socks off!"

      Maybe you just blew them away? That must be it!! I am an old crusty editorial reader type, with many years of analytical cynicism which erupts every now and then under these circumstances, Jean.

      But I know what i like and this series I LIKE! You haven't lost a step with this masterpiece! Top marks in all categories , Jean! Voted THIS UP^!

      Great Job! Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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