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Idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part sixty two

Updated on September 6, 2011

John sat in the study staring at his cell phone. A.J.walked in. Pouring himself a whiskey, neat, he sat down on the couch, glaring at his baby brother.

"So what have you found out about Sara and Carl?"

John looked over at his brother. "Nothing, except that they are both still alive."

"I thought you were supposed to get information."

"Look, A.J. We don't have any one at Lansing Memorial. I did confirm something though."

"And what is that?"

"Simple. No information patients mean just that."

A.J. gulped his drink down. "John, you have to make this go away."

"A.J., I know where my responsibilities lie. I plan to work on the witnesses. Take them out of the equation, and it is simply a domestic dispute that went too far." He paused. "You should get off on probation, being a fine upstanding citizen of the community. Sara should return when all of this blows over. So shut up about it and stop worrying."

A.J. got up and poured himself another drink.

John got up and took the drink away.

"This won't help matters. Not that I care... but things are difficult. Finding replacement parts will become problematic for a while. So take it easy on your body....after all, you only have one son left alive."

A.J. looked at him.

"Allan did come in handy after all."

"Yes. And the old man is none the wiser so let's keep that to ourselves, shall we?"

"What was it like, John? To kill someone?"

"A.J. I put Allan out of his misery. I gave him a purpose... so it was ... " John gave an odd smile... "Good." John turned and headed out the door to his room. Lying there he stared at his cell phone picture. His blond was climbing into an old VW bus. I missed something... He looked hard at the picture, forcing himself to take his eyes off the blond and check out the bus... That's it.


Rick headed down the steps of the front porch. He opened the door of the old bus. Jenny climbed out along with her friend Joey... Larry was helped out and he clung to his crutches. Deshaun and Dejuan with groceries in hand followed the crowd to around back.

Lynn and Charlie waved at them from the deck and soon the barbecue was started. Rick sat on a chair to talk with the twins, while the rest were sitting at a picnic table.

Deshaun looked at the man. "Sorry Rick."

"Sorry? About what?"

"Um, maybe we came over at the wrong time." Dejuan state cryptically.


"Yeah... we did not mean to rain on your parade." Deshaun added.

"Guys, actually I am kind of grateful."


Rick shook his head. The whole thing was too forced, and he felt like Lynn might be just going along with it to cheer him up...

Rick sighed. "It just doesn't matter. Tell me what is going on."

"Um, er, Okay. Well, we took care of the crematoriums."

"And Dejuan felt lucky so we headed to that Rehab."

"I got to the computer system... and it worked like a charm.. we caught the deleted files."

Rick arched an eyebrow.


"Um, Larry and Joey wanted out of there. We helped them."

"Did anyone see you?"

"Not really, Rick. There was one nurse, but she helped us."

Rick sighed. "Guys, I am really worried. If you are exposed, God knows what they will do to you." He thought for a minute. "Hey, how did Jenny get involved?"

"She wanted to see her brother and his friend so we arranged to meet at the hospital."

"And?" Rick was starting to feel like a dentist pulling teeth with these two.

"All I know is when we got there, Jenny knocked down two men and we ran like hell."

"Anyone see you?"

"Well there was a limousine."

"So you were seen." Rick's cell went off. He noted the ID. Damn.. he thought as he got up and walked into the house. He sat at the kitchen table.

"Hello, Uncle John."

"Rick, my boy."

"What do you want, Uncle John?"

"Ah, let's see world domination? No, that would be too boring... I'd rather settle for some fireworks."


"Yeah... Since I know you and your little friends are celebrating right now, I want you to know that no one comes between me and my woman."

"Don't do anything stupid, Uncle John."

"Stupid? Not yet... but if I do not get to see Miss Lundstrom in an hour, your friends are going to join the millions of American homeless...."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I hear that the fire potential is rather high in your area being that it has only rained a little this spring... The implications to that should be self explanatory."

"Where do you want to meet?"


He hung up the phone and went outside. The party was full of hope and laugher, of antics and teasing. He found the twins and told them of the threat.

"We are going home."

"No, if you do that, you will be seen. And maybe get caught up in the flames. Let me talk to Jenny."

Rick called her over and he told her what was going on.

"I understand. But..."

"I don't see any other way. That house is all the twins have left of their mom."

"Okay. There is nothing else I would like better than to give that man a piece of my mind."

"I won't let you out of my sight, Jen. I promise. The thing you have to remember about Uncle John is that he likes to manipulate people into doing things they never would. He is very good at it. Remember the hospital?"

Jenny nodded.

"So he wants a response and will push any button to get one.

"Yes, like the sociopath he is."


John sat down at the city park. He felt ... nervous?

Jenny came into view escorted by Rick.

John patted the seat on the bench.

"Miss Lundstrom, have a seat. You are certainly hard to find."

Jenny sat down wondering what would happen next.

"Leave my friends out of this. I just came here to keep them safe."

"Such loyalty is so hard to find these days."

"Mr. Matthews. What is your angle? What would you want from a girl like me?"

"Um, now that is a question."

"Look I don't have time for this."

He grabbed her hand and took it to his lips.

"What the hell?" She pulled it away.

"Ah so we are going to do this the hard way."

Jenny caught her breath, "What?"

"Tell Rick to go and wait in the car. See that man over there? One wave from me and the Hopkins' will be homeless. Understand?"

Jenny swallowed. "Rick, go wait in the car."

"No. I will just stay right here."

"Rick, you have to." Jenny pleaded with him.

Rick sighed and headed back to the car.

"Great, Let's go for a walk."

He got up and grabbed her hand pulling her up.

"You are so easy to subdue. It is almost not worth it." He looked into the deep blue eyes and smiled. "But I know there is a warrior underneath that heart that wants to beat me up right now. And that, makes this much more interesting, don't you think?"

"What kinda freak are you?"

"Ah, one mustn't reveal all their secrets on the first date."


"Yes. Come on."

He held tightly to her hand and felt her unwillingness. Smiling...

"You know, I haven't felt this alive in ages."

Jenny swallowed hard. Her cell phone rang. When she heard the ring tone, she thought her heart would stop. It was Carl.

"What? Aren't you going to answer that?"

"No. It is no one important."

"Ah... I am sure that Carl is worried about you." It was a sure guess.

Jenny just shrugged.

The phone went off again.

"My, this is troublesome, isn't it."

John started to slip his hand down into Jenny's pocket.

Jenny whirled around knocking his hand away, but the momentum made her cell phone fall out of her pocket. She scrambled ot pick it up but John got there first and answered it.

"Jenny? Where the hell are you? You should have been back at least two hours ago."

"Hi, Carl."

"Un..uncle John. What are you doing with Jenny's cell phone."

"Ah, she is indisposed right now. i just thought I would answer it."


"Really, Carl, you should take better care of the people that are precious to you... Don't you think?"


John sighed. "Well, I need to get off of here. My date has returned. We will talk later... Just let me know how Sara is doing... Right?"

He hung up the phone.

Jenny wretched it out of his hand.

"How dare you?"

He smiled and pushed her up against a thick tree trunk.

"I dare, because I can."

Waiting for a response, a rise anything.

Jenny swallowed hard. He wants me to fight. She pulled deep down with in her soul. As she looked down... to the ground. Sometimes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

She pulled her face up into a brilliant smile.

"So, if you are willing, I guess I am."

John squinted at her. "What?"

"Your name is John...Matthews... right?" She paused then made herself ooze, "Rich. Smart. Single. Handsome in a Harrison Ford kinda way." She forced her fingers up to walk them up his shirt to his chin. "I have always wanted to catch a Matthews... Carl, he is cute and nice... and very ... respectful." She paused pushing down the bile that was trying to rise. She stood on tip toe. "But you... catching you... now that would be a notch on my belt." She gave him a light peck on the cheek.

John stared at her, cold. What the hell? "Are you playing me?"

"Playing? That sounds nice." She reached around him and pulled him into a hug. Placing her head onto his chest. Thinking, I am going to have to take a dozen showers to get this stench off.

He pushed her away. Glaring at her... "What the hell?"

"Ah, don't give me that. You know my background... I am just a girl from the other side of the tracks." She grabbed his hands and pulled them to her lips.

John yanked his hands away. "What? Why?"

"Why what? Isn't this what you want? I will comply. After all, why catch a small fish like Carl, when a big shark like you is available. And I do so like shark."

"Wait a minute. You haven't left Carl's side this whole time."

"You're right. Could it be that I don't have no place to go to? Free room and board is free after all. But now, now I can go with you to the big house and live there. Servants, diamonds, cuisine... beautiful clothes. Not worry about anything or anyone else anymore."

"You... I forced you here. I threatened your friends."

"Friends? I did not know those people from Adam. Two men were going to kidnap me. I always rely on the kindness of strangers. How was I to know you wanted me that badly or that they were friends of Rick." Thinking, be careful what you ask for you just might get it. She reached up, patted the man's tie smoothing it, and straightened it.

"So tell me... do you want to play house or not? I will as long as you know that I am quite the demanding type. I hope you like whips and chains... those are my specialty."

"I saw you protecting Carl from A.J."

"Ah, well, that was before I met you. I was preserving my image with Carl, besides, I couldn't possibly marry him if he had got himself killed by your brother."

"Sara? What about her?"

She shook her head with disappointment. "You certainly are not very bright... how could I leave that woman behind and still keep Carl." She rolled her eyes, "I mean, duh?"

" are nothing but a gold digger."

"Ah, such an old term... I like to think of me as a free lance market specialist. And one thing i know is how to sell myself... And you, Johnnie, you have just bought me."

John stepped away from her. He felt like he was looking into a mirror.

"What? Are you surprised? Ever since I saw you were interested in me at the hospital, i played hard to get. And now... I can be myself." She stepped towards him, putting what she hoped was her best predator face, like the movies she had seen in the past.

"Get away from me."

"Johnnie, you are hurting my feelings. Such a bad boy you are." She sidled up closer to him.

He pushed her down.

"Ah, you like to play rough, too...."

She grabbed his leg and brought him down. Climbing on top of him, she held his shoulders down. "I like it when you resist like this." She whispered into his ear. Then she placed her lips on his.

She sat back on her haunches. "What? You don't want to kiss me? Okay, then how about this."

She grabbed his hand and pulled it into a wrist lock. John yelped.

"Pain, it can be exquisite as pleasure, you know."

John pulled up his knees and knocked her off. Forcing her to let go of his wrist, he glared at her with different eyes.

"What? Am I not fulfilling your fantasies?" Jenny said hautily

"I don't get this."

"Ah, you wanted me to be in damsel in distress mode. I see."

She pulled herself up to a standing position. "Please, John... don't hurt me." In the most fake tone she could muster, placing her hands onto his chest.

John turned and walked away.

Jenny yelled, "I don't get it. What does this mean? Don't I still have a chance with you?"

She smiled.


Rick waited at the car. He saw John walking straight towards his limo.

He strode towards his uncle and then he saw Jenny emerge.

In her best acting, well not really, but she knew to keep this going it had to be done.

"Ah Rick, he is such an ogre." She slowly walked up to Rick, who noticed her clothes had pieces of grass on them..

Rick turned and walked over to his Uncle. He grabbed the man's arm and pulled him around landing a hard right.

John went down.

Jenny arched an eyebrow, then made an innocent face.

"Rick, you mustn't... remember your friends house."

John looked at Jenny who was holding Rick's arm.

He wiped the blood from his mouth, John's eyes narrowed as he saw Jenny playing innocent and sweet with Rick asking her if she was all right.

He climbed into his car. Jenny ran up to the window and the man opened it.

"No hard feelings, right?" She smiled at him. "I mean a girl has to do what a girl has to do...right?"

Jenny watched the man leave. Rick stood by her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. But I don't know if your friends' house will be."

Rick's cell phone rang. "Yeah, Deshaun. Did it work?"

"Yeah, the bomb squad is here. Apparently someone called in an anonymous tip."

"Yeah." Rick smiled and hung up.


"What? What do you mean you can't blow it up?" John yelled.

"What? The bomb squad?"

He hung up. Wondering about that blond again, what she said made sense but ... had he met his match.


Stanley entered the quiet house. He threw his briefcase onto the entry table and pulled off his tie. The body of Miguel Gomez had been retrieved to check for those drugs. Somehow the crematorium had been damaged and that allowed the state police to make it time. The body of Sharon Sloan was also located at another funeral home with the same problem. For some reason, all the funeral homes in that county had problems with their crematoriums and it would be some time to get the repairs done. Apparently the repair man they used was on vacation after winning tickets for his family to six flags. He also got another report of a death at Charity... A John Doe that was found down after an apparent robbery. The Attorney General pulled that autopsy to his county also. And now, with the Board of Health raiding the Phoenix Rehab today, tons of evidence and blood samples had to be examined. The rehab had been closed down until further notice and those people who could go home, did. The others were charity cases and were sent to their home county hospitals. This was just going to be a mess.

"Stanley?" A quiet voice came out of the living room.


The beautiful woman came up to him and pulled him into a hug.

"I waited for you for so long."

"Hon, are you okay?"

"I guess." She sounded tearful. "Miguel is dead... and Mike Trang is still missing. If only I had told you sooner, they might still be alive."

He patted her slender shoulders and held onto her.

"Stacy... without you, we would have never found out what was going on there."


He pulled her away and looked into those brown eyes filled with sorrow.

"We will get justice for them. I promise."

"But that won't bring them back."

"Hon, I know." He pulled her into a hug again. Then his stomach growled.

She smiled through her tears. "Come one. Supper is ready."

She took his hand and pulled him along past the living room to the dining room table.

There sat two lit candles, two pizza boxes, and a couple of beers.

"I know the pizza is probably cold by now, and the beers are hot. I just couldn't bring myself to cook tonight."

He smiled. "What? This is perfect. Just like when we were in college." He sat down and pulled her into his lap. Taking a piece of pizza out he offered it to her first.

to be continued.


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from usa

      thankyou, for all of your time and effort. this was a hard one to write, talke care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 

      9 years ago

      Wow! That was Brilliant! The stage is now set for a Phenomenal Climax, Jean! This is fill with great Action, Suspense and Drama that has the reader on the edge of their seats.

      The incredible perceived role reversal of Jenny's character and then the interaction with John was first rate. The switch and bait worked flawlessly. this twist alone has given this series another blockbuster moment!

      Stand up and take a bow, Jean this chapter has earned that accolade for sure! I am voting this way up! Aside from the minor flaws that some editing would catch this is exemplary work! E-mail to follow!

      Bravo Jean, Bravo!

      Regards Mike! (Aka Professor M!) ;D


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