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If A Man Doth Live By The Sword So Doth His Life Measure

Updated on June 5, 2017

If a Man doth liveth by the bottle then so too will he end his Day's of pleasure. A Man you see must be a Man and must have equity a small Ransome and suitable holdings to attract a Woman of his pleasure. But it is with wishful indulgences to expect such churlish brute in his calamitous state to glean onto himself what is equities a Kings Ransome. Tis false asking the wretch of this Earth to prepare himself justly. Tis no fault of mine that the lad lacks intelligence, should he hie out and earn a decent wage equitable to that of a Scholar?

Should the poor lout take stock and find without, what it takes to keep a Wife in comfort, bereft of strife. Or should he himself feel encumbered and lay about upon the street with hand outstretched?

Twas as he explained it is rather unfortunate happenstance that led the poor unfortunate to idle upon the corner Day and Night, his hands firmly locked most atrocious around the bottle that he held to.

The explanation doth continue as he embellishes tale after tale of how he came to be.

Then doth again another swig as he partook and with the pomp of a Gentleman dared to reproach me a Wealthy suitor such you seek, the ass did interject, dwells not in thy state, but in thy state of mind. Beguiled by thy lust for the said indulgence of thy neighbors. For thy wants stem not from need but from silly greed.

With righteous indignation and a swish of my petticoat I did the beggar address, tis not greed to want to live in style and in comfort. Only a slacker, would let himself be preyed upon by slow wit and lack of ambition to find himself within a position whereby he has neither Ass nor Home to keep a Lady proper.

Yet finds himself within a precarious position to want a Lady keeper. If such a lad had instead been set upon by hard times then indeed understanding dawns. But such a one is poor excuse befitting a Woman of my advanced maturity.

Winded and upon a tirade I found him contemptuous, and though it within my right to tell the laggard that were I in fact filled with greed could it not be said that he sought the same comfort and coins to fill his purse since his ears did perk at my measure.

To which the gelded beast responded without much a thought to the Lady who before him stood. "Thy insolence rancours my Lady and your sat upon is in dire need of gentling". For in so much as thy favor is in rightful sight, it is the inkling to warrant a cat-o.nine for thy tongue is forked and thy head protrudes the hellish horns for auth would I lay the stripes on thee.

With a swish of my skirt and a hearty how do. I imparted one final measure to keep the lout within his place and thus gives leave of his countenance. As loudly as I doth dare as a Lady of fine breeding I invoked with much arrogance as a Lady dares muster.

Give the lad some soap and water and then to a cloth maker for to take his measure. For a Man must to be a Man you see, he must have employ which pays in Silver and gold that ought equals a Kings measure.

A must for me to have and to hold before the far South he should be allowed to venture.

Written in 2014 as I practiced my old English for what was to be another book. James and I discussed the state of homelessness in America but in my mind, I translated it to old English finally putting it on Paper.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.

Disclaimer: Sword or death as it is referenced does not mean an actual sword or death, but really means that if our careers or even love of Money and things becomes our obsession we can lose those things, or become victims to them. In all things a balance must be maintained.


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