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If Clouds Could Shine

Updated on January 15, 2014

If Clouds Could Shine

If Clouds could Shine would they astonish the eyes?

If the silvers melted to silvery dusts would it surprise?

If the drops that promise the aftermath of light gave in

Would it blur the teary screens or pierce clarity like javelin?

If the sky fell to it’s earth for a humble soaking embrace

Would the dusts moisten up at par with oceanic grace?

If the earth felt enough warmth from above that it bled

Would it dry up the wet precipice with burning shed?

If the possibilities of heavenly charm clapped with Hell

Would the possibilities themselves vanish in some shell?

If these have been, are or were the possibilities of our realm

Would they open up doors to deeper insights into Calm?

I wouldn’t bet or rely, but would hope for crystal waters

I would do my life all the good that living in turn matters

But if I wasn’t wise and sought wisdom in burning storms

Would it still be worth a life that even death proudly fawns?

If Clouds could shine beyond the lines promising eternity

Would the Sun give up and still smile in distorted gravity?


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