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If Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off (Then What Will) Part 3

Updated on October 25, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Maybe some have not taken the time to think about it, but when a person truly loves someone that’s not good for them, it never beneficial. To top it all off, when that person is placed in a situation that can cause them dearly, they usually find themselves having to cope with a negative and undesirable situation.

While in some situations, one may seemingly handle him or herself better than another, but if you think about it, being placed in a harmful situation, isn't good and just because a person is strong, that just isn’t enough. Don’t misunderstand me, strength is a good thing, but it doesn't really come into it as much as having a healthy approach.

Jackie found herself placed in a very negative and undesirable situation, and although, she was not guilty, all the evidence point to looked as if she was. This situation comes down to decision making, it is an essential part of life and something that a person should begin learning from a child.

A child should start learning at an early age when he or she is placed in the position to decide, beginning with how to share a toy with a sibling, that is a stage of deciding. Decision making is essential as it can either make the situation better or worse.

In the case of the story of a young lady named Jackie, the decision that follows, the choice she made are a life-altering one. Just as she decides to choose to allow a guy back into her life that she knew was not in her best interest, now her life is changing and it is not for the good. Read on.

Jackie was found with a purse full of drugs, she knew it didn’t belong to her, so she pleads not guilty to the charges against her, but since the evidence shows otherwise, she is halted off to jail.


She leaves crying uncontrollably. It’s no doubt she was being framed, and she had no idea who it was that set her up. Jackie is only guilty by association and now ill fate seemed to be coming back to her again and again and this time, it had become very severe.

Jackie is one big of a mess and with the police on her case and no proof of her innocence. She was put in lock-up at the police station where she would be detained until the court was ready to hear her case. She sobbed.

As she was crying, she meets a nice woman, name Lila. She so desired to make Jackie feel better. She understood how scary it can be when it is your first time in lock up.

Lila gave Jackie a pep talk and shortly after they start talking, Jackie was laughing, she was so grateful to share a cell with a person that could assist her to feel better.

Jackie talks to Lila about Joe and how special he makes her feel when he near her. meanwhile, Joe is setting up his products to begin selling to anyone in need of a good deal.

Now, it’s been almost six months since Joe starts selling knock-off, he’s been convincing himself it was the beginning to seek a much bigger income. Joe even convinced himself prison wouldn't be so bad if he was caught. Although it his desire is to remain free.

Joe even told himself, this will be my first defense and I shouldn't be in jail long, and I should be able to get bail. He told himself what he needed to continue selling knockoff as he hated what he was doing.

Joe wondered how Morgan could focus entirely on the financial security and not care about the purses being fake and that they were not properly licensed; not to mention they can get busted and go to jail.


As Joe was convincing himself to continue selling knockoffs bags, he was telling himself to stay focus on the ideal like it an income. He witnesses a raid on the street He was headed to, to set up and begin selling.

It shook Joe up heavily, luckily, it happens before he got there and he was able to stand back and see it going down and walk away from it a free man.

Joe left in a hurry and felt he had to get out because selling the bags is definitely a risk. He thought I'll do one last big deal to make enough money to get out, so he called Morgan to doubt his merchandise.

He needed help to put the word out so, he places an ad on Craig-list, it stated attention all Chanel, Gucci. Louis Vuitton and Prada lovers. I am having the sell of a lifetime. If you ever want to afford a high-class bag and Never had the income now is your chance. Everything is sixty to seventy-five percent off. The first fifty get an extra ten percent making your item seventy-five and eighty-five percent off, a deal you don't want to miss.

The date is June 10th and the start time is 7 am at the corner of Pierce and Levi. Joe was so desperate to get out and make a big sale that he did not think he was setting himself up to go the jail. Telling the public and the authority where he will be and what he's doing.

Two days later Joe arrives thirty minutes early and sets up. Some people were already there waiting, it was very crowded. A few even got to pulling over a bag that was the last one and a fight broke out.

The cops were already head to raid the place and the entire area was close off to the traffic, but when the fight broke out and 911 was called it was like throwing gas on the fire.


The crowd was so large that Joe had already made 2300 dollars in an hour and a half off of the knockoff bags. He starts loading up to leave when he thought things couldn't get worse, they did, the raid begins, He tries to run but was caught and thrown to the ground.

You have to give it to Joe, it was clever of him to make it seems as if he was a shopper instead of the seller. Yes, he was going to jail, but at least he won't get ten years and a 2 million dollars fine for being the seller.

When Joe arrived at the station he was fingerprint and search. When they found a large amount of money on him he told them he had just cashed a large check and brought the money to purchase the best of Louis, Gucci, and Prada for gifts.

The officer couldn't prove otherwise Although, they held Joe for another 48 hours. Joe asked to his one phone call, he called his attorney but imagine his surprise when he was on his way walking to his call and spotted Jackie behind one.

Joe was heartbroken as he wondered what is Jackie doing in jail. When he looked at her face he could tell she had been crying, all he wanted to do is comfort her. In reality, he could stand a shoulder at the moment himself.


Joe has never been in jail before and shortly after they closed the jail cell door behind him, he felt as if he couldn't really breathe. It was hard for him because just knowing all the windows are closed and the doors are locked; made him feel like life was leaving his body.

He walked over to his bed bunk and sit down to get a grip on how he was feeling. The one thing that gave him the determination to pull things together was knowing Jackie is there as well and she needs him.

An hour after Joe made his one phone call his attorney make it to the station to get Joe released. He thought about Jackie and refuse to leave her in jail. Joe asked Attorney Lawrence Hillard to get Jackie released with him and he agreed to assist her.

When they brought Jackie to the waiting area with Joe and the attorney she was so happy. When the attorney asks Jackie what charges she was booked on and she told him, Attorney Lawrence knew he had work to do to get Jackie released.

When it was time for Jackie and Joe to stand before the judge, Joe's knees were knocking so hard that he put his hand on both of his thighs to try to assist his knees from showing how nervous he is.

Joe looked to the left of him and told himself I have to be strong for Jackie. She needs him to be there for her and that was Joe's desires.

Jackie was Joe only love after Joe assisted Jackie to be released from jail, she realized the special guy Joe was and what she had was one of the best guys any woman could want.


After the attorney managed to have them both released, they looked at each other docilely. They couldn't wait to leave to see freedom. Joe called Morgan to meet them and give them a ride home.

Jackie was very tired and couldn't wait to get home and in a hot relaxing bath. She ran a hot tub of water as warm as she can stand and lean back after she got inside. Jackie needed a "Calgon Moment" and understood the meaning, "Calgon, Take Me Away."

An hour after a nice hot relaxing bath, Jackie called Joe to thank him for being the friends she needs in the worse of times. Joe was all too happy to answer the phone with Jackie on the other end.

They talked for hours and laugh about small dumb moments they experience in jail. Jackie shared with Joe how she went into the jail crying, afraid and expecting the worse when she was blessed with two wonderful cellmates who encourage her and assist her to feel better.

One of her cellmates was a seventeen-year-old kid who family was wealthy. She acted out a lot and took for granted her family would always rescue her. Her grandma was tired of her behavior and decided to let her spend a few days in jail to calm her down.

Jackie shared with Joe, she beat another girl with her high heel shoe because they were arguing over the same boy. She had been detained over twenty-five time when her grandmother told her mother to leave her in there to let her see jail is not a place she wants to call home.

She seems to be a brave young lady and that gave me the strength to pull myself together, we talked about me working in their multi-million dollar business when she gets out. She wants me to model one of their clothing lines and I agreed to do it.

I never model before but how hard can it be, especially since she said they have women to train. Joe felt Jackie would do a wonderful job, after all, with her beautiful and the body to match, she can be an excellent model.

They talk about a little of everything and then Joe finally got around to asking Jackie out to one of his favorite restaurants and she gladly accepted.
Jackie, herself, didn't want Joe to think she was only being nice because he assists in getting her out of jail.

Jackie meets Joe at 8 pm, he couldn't wait for her to walk down to him, he rushes over to her. Joe gave a hug that felt amazing. Thank you so much for meeting me replied Joe. He released her from the hug and then took her hand as they walk to the table hand and hand.

Joe had special ordered everything in advance and the waitress begins bringing it to the table after they both sit down. The aroma of the food smelled delicious, Jackie replied, I hope the food as good as it smells.

Joe said, "I feel you will love everything I ordered as the chef is a wonderful cook." The special meat was Lamb Chops grilled, it was marinated in fresh garlic, with a tablespoon of thyme, and rosemary leaves and a pinch of sea salt.
Desert consists of Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Sweet Soup). It was something Jackie had never tried. It was very good to her. It's a dessert that is a tradition for Chinese to serve on New Year.

Joe wants something special and different for Jackie so he went all out to ensure it a date to remember. He ordered Jackie two drinks a Martini, and Champagne from France. He let Jackie decide which one she prefers.


Joe wanted to dance with Jackie so, he said, "May I have this dance." She was surprised but immediately replied yes and rose for a dance. They danced around the room to Freddie Jackson song, “You are my Lady.” After ten minutes of amazing dancing, Joe danced Jackie back over to the dinner table.

Joe had the day so plan out, so romantic. He wanted it to be a day to remember forever. He had his buddy and best friend who was an artist to do a work of art for the love of his life. It was special and he wanted to capture the beauty she processed.

He thought about the painting of the Mona Lisa and to Joe, Jackie was so much more beautiful than her so, he had her face put on a canvas that captures the real her. He had the waitress to bring it to the table. It looked just like Jackie's face especially for her, it was done so very beautifully highlighted on one of the most amazing frames.

The painting wasn’t just on any type frame, it was a painting that was a mixture of wood and gold on a poplar wood molded into a frame and it looked like something done by the Italian, but it was American made.

The lip on the painting shared the same color lipstick Jackie wore and under the neck of the picture Joe had a message placed on it that said, my only love Jackie, my significant other, you are my lady, you’re all I’m living for, I truly love you.

Jackie was so surprised that her mouth opened slightly, and her eyes brightened as the tears begin to flow down her cheeks. She loved the picture. Joe shared with her, ‘I want to capture your true beauty.' ‘This is a picture that I hope you cherish forever- as I will you and a start of a new beginning for you and I.’

Joe told Jackie, it is my hope this is a new beginning for us to bring together something we can always treasure. I love you said Joe, Jackie’s eyes widen as she reached over to hold his hand, “I love you too”, she replied.


It's no secret love was in the air and Joe and Jackie experience a new beginning to a brand-new relationship. Joe was so honored to start dating Jackie, He loved her from the very first time he laid eyes on her through Morgan.

Jackie was Joe first love and relationship. He never experiences love before, in fact, he felt true love is just a fairy tale written and broadcasted on television for viewers and a happily ever after ending. Although Joe experience first-hand that true love does exist and he feels as if he flowing on cloud nine.

Also, Joe was left feeling, after working hard most his life, if hard work doesn’t pay off (then what will) maybe in Joe's case love will. As he reaches over to embrace Jackie he was hit from behind of the head and fell faced down on the table.

What happened? Jackie let out a loud scream, she fears for Joe and one can wonder what will happen next.

Did Larry have Joe and Jackie followed? Did he put a hit out on Joe? Jackie knew Larry lived a dangerous life and he was capable of anything. Jackie was also aware Larry wanted her back and he will not accept her with someone else.

Did Jackie decision to move on with Joe cause him his life? Perhaps one of the people Joe cons and sold a knock-off purse found out it was fake and it catching up to him. Stay tuned as I reveal Joe’s fake. What will result with Joe and Jackie, more about Larry and so much more in Part 4 of, if hard work doesn’t pay off (then what will).

If Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off (Then What Will) Part 3

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© 2018 Pam Morris


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