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If I Look At Myself

Updated on March 10, 2018

When it comes to the question of who am I there are many ways to answer the question, but the best way I know to answer it is through a poem I wrote about myself. I wrote this not so long and find the stanzas are still true to me:

I am Kristen Nicole Wettstein.

I touch the hearts of many.

I feel the pain of others.

I like to read.

I dare to believe.

I hear the cries of the hurt.

I remember my first years of life very little.

I smell the rain falling on a sunny day.

I need to be seen for who I am.

I love to write poems.

I hate being short because I’ve got great eyes.

I care for my family and friends.

I taste life’s sweetness.

I want to be remembered for who I am on the inside.

Some people say they know who they are but others are not sure. I know who I am because in order to truly know yourself you have step outside yourself. I have analyzed myself from the outside. I know I have brown hair, brown eyes with glasses, and that I am relatively short, but from the outside, I can see more of myself. I can see that I care for others and feel pain. When you look from the outside in, that is when you answer the question who am I? From the outside, you may argue that all you see is hair, eye, and skin color, but in that case, you are not looking right. You need to look through the physical features to the inside of yourself. I am not talking about noticing the fact that you have lungs and a stomach either. I am talking about the fact that you have the ability to care, to love, and feel pain. Seeing all that shows you the person who you truly are.


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