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~If I Never Got Another Chance~

Updated on March 4, 2014

If I never got another chance

To smile and say “hello”

If I could choose, is this this way

That I’d want it to go?

Will I be sad when I look back

At things I should have said…

Or, perhaps, things that I shouldn’t have –

When one of us is dead?

Life does not come with guarantees

“no man knows the hour”

I need to live this life a way

That is within my power

I need not know just how I feel,

But know the reasons why

And then stand in someone elses’ shoes

At least, I need to try.

To hear the words they, too, have said

And how those made me feel

This isn’t a rehearsal…

This life is very, very real.

So say “I’m sorry” even when

I’m sure it’s not just me

I need to script an ending

The way that it should be.

Before this day is over,

This all could be no more.

And I’ll stand face to face with one –

THE one who’s keeping score.

Give me quality of life

Let me, a blessing be

Let there be so much “good” within

That everyone can see

And everyone can feel the love

That luckily, I’ve known

Let me extend compassion

That I, too, have been shown.

Give me a healing heart – and words

That help everyone know

If I never get another chance,

To smile, and say “hello”.


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