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If I Weren't Myself

Updated on August 30, 2013

If I Were...

If I were a kite I would fly away into space

I would savor the colors amidst the blues and rainbows

I would be twinkled with sparkles in the deep beyond

I would choke and would live my destiny in vacuum

And live in what the folks always point to or dream about

If I were a leaf I would grow into green freshness

I would bathe in the light and drown with the wind

I would sway around and waltz with nature’s symphony

I would blissfully brown up into my enigmatic transference

And still sway and fly with the music nature plays

If I were a dove I would paint the skies white

I would brighten the rays of infinite promises

I would shower tranquility all across my orbit

I would change my colors to live all lives

And sing, dance with élan, and fly away and beyond


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