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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 12

Updated on March 20, 2016

Third entry is Giving that character a compelling problem. The author says that there is a need for a highly challenging problem or obstacle to the main characters. The problem can either be external or internal. The conflict of the story is a blessing in disguise. For it is capable of shaping the characters toward their betterment as individuals.

In my story, the primary conflict is alien invasion. Earth will be invaded by aliens who seek dominion over it. My character and my cousins’ will work together to prevent the future enslavement of the entire human race. The secondary conflict of my story is the havoc caused by Earth’s people acquirement of superpowers from a strange worldwide green aurora.

The tertiary and last conflict of my story is the problems in the personal lives of us cousins. I am assigned of a leadership role that is too much for me. Benjamin struggles with his pride and thirst for power. Mason battles against his greed for material wealth and elite social status. Jacob falls in love with an enemy.

Ava mourns the death of her mother she lost to cancer. Sophia is losing grip of her growing powers which are highly coveted by the enemy.

Fourth entry is Make things happen. The author says that I must be critical of the scenes in my novel. I have to identify which helps and not. I have to go for the scenes that help me in moving forward my story. I have to leave those scenes that are better left to the common sense of the readers.



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