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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 15

Updated on March 21, 2016

While the government is busy tracking down criminals who use their superpowers for their wrongdoings, I am informed by an intergalactic message than an alien invasion will soon fall upon our world. I am assigned to be a leader and to gather Benjamin, Mason, Jacob, Ava, and Sophia for a mission of defending Earth against its future invaders.

We are surprisingly sucked to a world very far from our own, to the farthest end yet of the universe. Our memories are erased of all the details of our mission. We are sent to the city of Contempro. There, we are allowed to stay as long as we keep our civil duties as foreign guests. We are obliged to work in order to pay for our stay.

While continuing our civil duties to Contempro, we discovered a possible way to return to Earth. It is a legend in Contempro that its world is built with the combined powers of six ancient elemental stones. After witnessing a grandiose display of magic from the book of the legend, we do not only discover the history of Contempro but we are convinced to pursue the six stones.

With our newly acquired superpowers in a city where everyone has an extraordinary ability, we begin our quest for the six stones. The first stone is of the element of water. It is on the depths of Contempro’s largest ocean, guarded by malicious water-bodied mermaids who use their singing to enchant pursuers to deadly illusions. I am able to defeat them and obtain the water stone with my telepathy and strength of will.



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