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If I and My Cousins are Superheroes: Chapter 1, Page 18

Updated on March 21, 2016

I might read on the different human cultures around the globe. Culture is a very broad thing. It involves language, customs, arts, music, rituals, native games, clothing, etc. It is a study that is heavy on facts. There is over a hundred countries in the world. Each country’s culture can already drown you to a seemingly endless bounty of information.

Sincerity of human experiences is the most personal for me. It is something you cannot learn from books, school, or any form of formal learning. It is something you can only know through people. Through yourself. Through every experience you have of this life. Through others. Through their ways of life. Through their different settings.

Sixth entry is Stick with it the project. The author says that I will be tempted to give up a thousand times in my project. I must not give up. I just have to keep trying. I need to work hard. I should give my best. I have to work twice hard in editing. There is a big chance that I will be rejected by literary agents. But I have to try. I will get better with time as long as I do not give up on my craft.

The seventh and last entry is And lastly: Ignore the rules. (including mine). The author says that there are many theories, advises, and rules available to become my guidelines. They can be helpful. There is truth in them. But they are not absolute. At the end, it is my writing that is my true soul. I must be free in doing my craft, yours as well, even if it is not writing.



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