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If Only You Had Seen - Your Song; It Would Be Different

Updated on January 31, 2013

It's too bad you didn't see it, didn't feel it -

all the pecking of eyes;

it left you blind.

Blood dripping from curdled eyes -

you trudged towards the people

Across the lands screeching your agony-

Your plight drew numbers to walk in your path

your tears they drank -

for they thought;

How beautiful of a cry.

Only one yelled out

walked a path before them

dollops of petals

falling like his dripped;

"Stop it! It's all deceit and lies!"

She fell before you - her hands aglow with magic..

"I will heal you, just stop your wretched speech!"

A cloak muddled with colors of ignorance

you draw about you.

With feigned shock - you mock

Stepping on all her fingers, grinding them as rocks -

pierce her flesh

and light seeping

from her hands even more petals drop

her blood soaked the dirt

Her magic falling.

You sung the same song as

You walked near and far

almost all followed you.

They few who stayed behind –

Set bones as she cried

Wrapped crooked fingers with ointment and gauze.

Her eyes falling strait ahead – sharing sight with ethereal crone.

Shaking her from time of silent reverie,

They tell her how beautiful had been her glow.

And she’d mutter, "So too was his.."

and always petals fall.

From town to town she'd seek you out,

each time growing more feline in her feral moods

her glow grew akin to fire

and the petals dropping are brown burnt offerings,

Her voice pierced by thorn.

She burned for you.

The few who stayed behind -

began to pace,

her hands bore scars and knobs and so

could no longer

hold the heated fire.

Then she sees -

your flesh and bones.

You are ugly to her.

She stopped following you

Now you turn and seek -

and the fragrance of those petals

is only a memory.

You walk from town to town,

you gather bloodied sand and rotted burnt flower parts.

If only you could have seen,

Would have seen -

Your song -

It would be different.


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