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If no one clap for you

Updated on September 22, 2013

I was at this setting last night so the guy coordinating the circle did one kind America wonder that left me puzzled as a grown man.He commanded a can coke to transform into a 7up bottle and right in my eyes the thing transformed but what left me shouting wooooow! wooooow! was the speed of the transformation. Magic or no Magic; i just don't know.

That motivated me to do something on my own.

So i decided to do my own America wonder.

I tested my capability with my own self and this is the out come.

I was able to command my own image to transform and it did.

In essence, you guys hold the power to be whatever you want to be, there are people out there who will say go and sit down...

...believe me, the very moment you listen to them and sit down,you will be doing yourself the worst harm in this world. Say 'NO' to them, when they say sit down, stand up and run, when they say that you cannot achieve anything, set a goal and get it done, When they laugh at your set back, take a step back and balance yourself.

Everything has it's time so no matter the kind of America wonder they do, you can do better yourself and if no one clap for you...CLAP FOR YOURSELF because it is not easy to be YOU.


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