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If there is no you

Updated on September 23, 2013
Our story is like every other love tale…It is about two beautiful people who met by accident destined to be but one went away and the other remained in pain.

I have never fallen in love until he came into my life, I saw his profile in one of the dating sites…it read Militant. Believe me I was skeptical to go through his bio because of his nick so I overlooked it then two days later, I got a request from him but I ignored the request.

Two months passed so quick and on that beautiful day, I was bored so I decided to chat with few of my friends online since I had no money to go clubbing. I logged into my account and there was a reminder for a friend request from the same profile…MILITANT. I deleted the reminder then began to chat with a friend.
Ups, it popped on my window...’Hi care to chat’

It was the same profile; Militant. The name scares me; I said a little prayer for myself… ‘Help me Lord’. When I was due and wanted to log out, the same profile sent me another message; don’t you want to chat angel?

I was pushed to reply back…No I don’t
A message popped back… Why?
I replied… Your name is scary
The response came… I am a militant of Jah
I replied...Bye

I logged out but kept thinking of the name throughout the day then in the night, I logged in again, this time; I just wanted to block whoever it was. There was a mail waiting for me so I decided to read the mail before searching for the profile.

A mail from Militant.

Angel, I call you this because that is what you are…
Something tells me that you are the one
Something tells me that it is you
Another thing tells me that you are scared
But your smile means that you are mine
And if there is no you,babe there will be no me

My name is Fredrick Daniels, (Google)…

That was it, after the Google search, I realized my folly so I sent him a friend request and from that moment on, we began chatting every minute of the day, thanks to watsup app which made it easier for us. We arranged a meeting after a month, two weeks after meeting, we got married and it is now one year and my due date is fast approaching…

But my love is no where to be found.

It was not my mistake, i was only trying to myself but he got it all wrong and now i wallow in pain, Dad told me not to go into the marriage but i broke all odds and did everything against the will of everyone that i loved before he came in and took it all away, is it bad to fall in love? Is it bad to love someone? Is it a sin to give someone the whole you?


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