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If we were doves

Updated on January 13, 2014

If we were doves

Even for just a moment

You will understand why we are together

We will fly the sky together

And scale the fountain

And you will understand why i am your better half

And i will never need to explain that myself

Because you will understand at a glance

If we were doves

I think that i would understand

Why we are together

Because no matter what is at stake

I will always fly to you with love

And will always convey love to you

I think i would understand if you fly

Because i understand who we are

If i were a dove

I will spread my wings

And fly miles to be with you

And i think that you will understand

Because it takes nothing to be a perfect love

If we were doves

We will understand what it means to love and be loved

And i swear that i would be a perfect love

Because i know that it hurts to make a love cry

It is never too late to understand the meaning of flying

Because we would always perch to gether

And no matter what i will peck your feather

If we were doves, lovely white doves

I swear i will be a perfect love

Because you are my perfect half

But we are not doves

We are just humans

So all i could do is to make you believe

It is never too late to understand

That the one around is the one you nee

But we are not doves

So it seems hard to understand

But until you loose the one that loves you

You will never understand the value

And you will wish you were doves


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