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If you really need him

Updated on January 24, 2016

I saw him in a Friend's birthday party, he looked so cute and well dressed, he wore a perfect straight cut black trouser matched with a silky white shirt and without being told, i knew that his shoes were versace. I mean he looked just like every lady's man because i walked closer to him simply to get a better glance of this handsome guy that has taken my breath away.

Hi, i said to him, please what says the time? He smiled at me and looked at his wrist watch. 4: 27. He replied. Thanks was all i could say, of course it was the right thing. Though i didn't felt like walking away from that spot but he turned left and continued greeting people. I noticed him greeting almost everyone and began to imagine who he was . I know the celebrant, we work in the same hospital but this guy that is stealing the whole show must be related to him i taught.

I had enough fun and left the party very happy but thoughts of that guy kept flashing in my memory and as days passed, i realized that i was thinking more of this strange man who i don't even know but eager to know so i walked into Martha's office simply to get as much information as i can about the guy. Martha seemed not to remember the person i meant because so many guys wore black trousers and white shirts that day but we started going through her cell and ups! there he is i screamed as she scrolled to a picture of herself and this handsome dude.

"I knew it, my instincts is always right, i knew that he was related to you because everyone wanted to have a glimpse of him". I told Martha.

She saw that i was eager to meet her cousin Dave who was an architect but lives in the Capital and traveled immediately after her birthday party. Oh! i now see why he was greeting everyone and everyone was greeting him. Dave was a real estate mogul, i would have known that because i saw the way all the singles were shooting at him that day. Gosh! i missed my shot but I've got Martha to do some book binding for me so i immediately began to assemble the pages.

" You know what Angela" Martha said to me, you will be a good match with Dave, he is Taurus too and he is such a nice soul, he is my closest relative and has always been there for me, he is a gentleman, he is kind, honest, caring, Oh! Dave is such a darling".

Martha had me melted with her words about this Dude and i must say that i fell in love with him right from that moment because he has everything a woman wants in a man and to crown it, handsome and loaded.

" What about a girlfriend, don't he have one". I asked Martha.

"Of course he should be seeing someone but i don't know his girlfriend because he has not introduced anyone to me. But common babe, how do you expect a guy with so much money like Dave not to have a babe around him,i can't bet on that but do you want to meet him. By the way, the look in your eyes; are you in love with Dave" She asked me afterwards

"Babe, i don't know what i am feeling for this guy, i have not even met him and don't know anything about him apart from all you just said but my heart is beating too fast"

I didn't even know when Martha dialed her cell phone and all of a sudden i heard her telling me to take the cell and speak with Dave. Well, his voice was just the same, that sweet voice that said 4:27. We spoke for hours and he remembered me, he remembered everything so we arranged to meet over the weekend. Specially on his invitation to the capital. It was a Wednesday and he will send me a ticket the next day to fly over on Saturday.

I don't know what will happen but i will be with this guy until Sunday evening. Am i doing the right thing? A lot of disturbing questions mixed with the joy that i will finally see this crush again left me confused then when i got home that day and was about to tidy myself knowing very well that it was going to be a sleepless night. My cell biped and it was him..

"Hello, i just called to know how you are, you know what, don't bother about coming because i will be coming over myself tomorrow and i hope to see you.However, if you still want to visit the capital, then you will fly back with me on Saturday".

We talked for sometime before he bared me good night then i called Martha to let her know before retiring on my bed and even forgot to take my bath or even eat, i simply woke up and it was already 7am the next day. Someone might say that my action is wrong but honestly, waiting for his arrival was like waiting for eternity and i concluded within myself that if he ever have my heart and my mind then he would definitely have my body because for all i knew, i was going to treat that dude like a King.


I was at the airport with Martha to pick him as scheduled. Oh my God! there he is! there he is! I screamed as he majestically walked out from the arrival hall. I couldn't hold it because he looked more handsome and the moment he walked towards us, i felt this sensation of cold all over me and immediately realized what i actually wanted. This is no time to mess up but i have to be very careful, he hugged Martha then looked at me and i was like; hey! Dude, give me my own hug. As if he read my mind, he grabbed me and squeezed me.

Honestly, his body was strong and sweet like hot chocolate; i never wanted him to let go off me from that moment but when he finally released me and i looked at him, i saw nothing but my husband standing right in front of me. This Dude, apart from the fact that he was rich which was not what attracted me was well built, majestic in every manner and he reminded me of the Biblical King Solomon

We drove straight to Martha's apartment from the airport and believe me the moment we spent in that apartment was the best moment of my life because i was sitting face to face with the most handsome guy on this planet earth, his voice was like olive oil, his kind nature can only be compared with a dove. Dave was nothing but a charm and i was lucky to be charmed by this wonderful guy.

I knew that i would not go home that day but Martha's one bedroom apartment was not a perfect place for us because as far as i know, we both wanted to do it. Yes, i wanted to have him caress me because he was my knight in Armour and it doesn't matter if i was too loose afteral all i wanted was to be with him so i was ready to do everything to keep him. People used to say that allowing a guy to do it the first day you met him was wrong but call it one night stand, call it anything you want, i wear the shoes.

My feelings for him was true.

He said that he love me and i believe him, i knew that he meant it. He also said that he was eager to meet me after speaking with me the previous day so he couldn't wait for Saturday, he told me a lot about his life and i was surprise to know that a guy like him doesn't have a girl friend, according to him, he was being careful because he doesn't want to hurt anyone after breaking up with his ex girl friend some five years back. You know he told me that he wants a long term relationship and of course that was what i also want.

Every single lady wants to settle down with the right guy and the more i looked at Dave, the more perfect he seemed and one thing i picked in him that particular day was his command, he has this balanced approach towards life and made it known that he doesn't criticize people and also always mind his own business. I mean, that's my man and the more we discussed, the more i see him from inside and the more i wanted him and the more i was freeing myself for him because we both knew where we would end that day.

And the song playing on the background was just the perfect song for the moment, infact whenever it is true and you take the advantage of the situation, everything works in your favor so Boys 2 Men 'I'll make love to you' harmonized the moment for me. Dave was down to earth and Martha was right when she said that he was a darling because the first thing he ever asked of me was a kind of joke but i knew that he meant it when he asked me if i could bath him. Although we all laughed about it but i knew deep down my heart that i was going to give him a romantic bath in few hours.

We eventually left for my apartment because Martha's apartment was not a perfect spot and since it seemed that we have known each other for ages,we fared Martha goodnight and i told her before we left that she was a good book binder because none of the pages in this new book will ever get lost. You see, it is good to be you, i am not saying that because it worked for me that it would work for everybody but always be you because what suppose to be a weekend visit turned out to be a month, then two and oh my God! a life time visit.

I love my king and we enjoyed this song 'We should be together' by Don Williams that night in my apartment, and that night was a perfect night because we did it like we have not done it before.

Who says that it is not good to follow your feelings? It doesn't matter who says it first but the truth is this, if you are a girl and you see a guy that has what you want, simply walk up to him and if it's hard for you to open up, just ask him the time. Don't hide your feelings and if you have the chance to make it known to him, just do it before someone else do it before you. So if you really need him, walk up to him, it is right.

Dave made it known to me from the very moment he kissed me in Martha's apartment that he wanted a long term relationship, he asked me about my long term goals and if i can see the big picture, of course i unveiled the whole of me and two weeks afterwards, we walked the aisle up to the altar in front of supportive and adorable family members.

"If you really want him, go make your declaration."- Rossi Mobis


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