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If you want to choose a publisher DO NOT CHOOSE PUBLISH AMERICA

Updated on December 20, 2012

One of the biggest lies right here

This company is a big lie

As you research this company online you will find two things. Publish America saying how they are traditional publishers and all their services are free and a million other stories of how they have ripped people off.

The second part is the truth. Nothing they do for you is free except send you an email saying your book will be published. After that you will start getting emails asking you to pay for marketing services, pay money to put your book in the hands of Hollywood, in the hands of big authors such as Stephen King. JK Rawlings was the perfect example. They sent out thousands of emails stating if you pay 49 dollars we will see your book placed in the hands of JK Rawlings and to that statement got them a big fat letter of cease and desist from JK Rawlings attorneys as she did not agree to this false story.

They also ask for you to pay money for Authors conventions, where they set up fake tents post pictures of a few people with books and there was no convention. They want money for everything they do.

They do not put your book on Kindle for free you have to pay for it and it is a steep price. Over a hundred dollars. They sell books for up to 25 dollars even if the book is only 10 pages. Who would buy them when you can get kindle books for 3 dollars and free to prime members.

If you do decide to publish with them, know that you will never get paid royalties on your books because they will say you never sold any even if you know you did and can prove it. You will never get your discounts because you can never get through to their number to order your copies.

This company is the biggest scam that ever lived and thousands of people keep giving them their money. After you have had a few books published and try to publish another one, they will accept all your work and then tell you that since your other books didnt sell you must buy at least 49 copies of your other books or purchase a marketing service for 149 dollars. If you don't they will terminate your contract and not return your work to you.

Talk about stress factors completely. This company has been ripping off authors for years since they opened their doors in 1999. They wouldnt even give the name of the CEO until 2008 9 years later. They refuse to answer emails if you send more then one. If they don't like the emails you sent them then they will shut you down.

If you want to publish your books the best route to go is to upload to Amazon Kindle. It's free and you get paid 75 percent royalties on all books sold. Their service is 100% free and you can upload as many books as you desire.

Stop dealing with Publish America if you are trying to make money off the sales of your books because you will not make one red cent. If you just want to say you got published then that is fine go for it.

I do not reccomend them in the least and there are other reputable publishers out there that do many things for their authors.


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