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Updated on March 11, 2017

Is this world all an illusion
Or is it of my mind a delusion
All illusions are our test
Whether we reject or accept
Our wisdom does select
In the end nothing matters
All illusions it shatters
Then why are we carried away
Why do our life's circumstances us sway
I wonder out of all this what's the way
Think about it night and day
Whatever life presents us with
Is it for us to with it live
Or to arouse detachment so it all we up give
In a world full of lies
The joy of living naturally dies
Our soul for release out cries
Tis told joy of attaining all in this world
Is just an iota compared to the joy in the other world
The purpose of life here's for our soul to ascend
These are the messages time and again the master's send
It's we only who do not to these messages our ears lend .....


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