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I'm Aware

Updated on October 10, 2012

I'm Aware There's Life Ahead

I see the sun slowly blazing up the sky with its might

I also witness the moon lighting up the ‘silent night’

I know there is some silver behind the golden eclipse

I discern there’s yin and yang in the realm where hope leaps

I can also catch glimpses through dreams’ peepholes

I realize the existence of glow even amongst dark trolls

If I could light a torch in my hand and show myself the way

I would do it with no state of bother bothering me in disarray

I want to look ahead into that room with the buoyant peephole

I want to swim along the guiding waves to reach my soul

I can almost hear a flute from heaven enchantingly calling

I’m aware there’s life ahead, but my mind keeps flailing


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