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A journey Magenta

Updated on September 10, 2014

I'm a black woman

I'm a black woman.

My curls and waves spring away the hate that is surrounded around me. My afro is not just my beauty but my history.

My braids are the long years of oppression and many lessons giving to my ancestors to remain in me.

My long Remi is like the white mans reflection but with a roll of my neck you haven't seen power yet til you try to disrespect me.

I'm a black woman.

My full lips spent years kissing masters ass to stay alive another day.

My outspoken words symbolize the power togetherness can do when in place.

My lips are made to perfection to kiss the lips of forever, the lips of together, and to whisper to those willing to hear my face.

I'm a black woman.

My dark skin is not a product of the sun but a product of my enrich culture, beautiful words are wrap around me. Adjectives, nouns and verbs.

How else would my words be heard.

My chocolate skin is made to please the darkest to the lightest mate and have them there with pride just loving my backside.

My caramel skin is like a kick to the face for master disowning me.

Unloved by the ones who share the very blood that goes throughout the body they have but I'm beauty, I'm bold, I'm pride.

I'm a black woman.

The curves of my body is not a sign of future diabetes but the wave of the oceans I have crossed.

My curves are like mother Africa herself curving in curving out to create the perfect product.

My body stands tall with my head high reclaiming the throne took from me.

I'm not a symbol of the streets.

I want to speak loud and eloquently so that others can hear me make commands

The boss from my throne.

I'm not symbol of misconduct.

I am a queen.

Making love to the sun
Making love to the sun | Source

Falling in love




hard breathing

circulation leaving

but I'm still alive

feeling thick liquid

like quick sand

three feet but I can't stand

paralyzed in emotions



looking up at pristine

reflection from the sunlight

beaming upon the trees


Oh so much beautiful green

lims and trucks without ends

the smooth dancing scents

inflaming my senses

slow motion

wide awake

no mistakes

to beg "deeper"

pushing all liquids above me

kicking all the thickness upward

and accept

my drowning



I'm free
I'm free | Source


Their is a woman in my spoon.

Another soul is in control and thats just fine with me.

She speaks her mind.

She has no time for all the bs she left behind.

Shes a bad ass in a skirt who knows her worth.

Rarely does she get hurt because party girls live and learn.

Its not a bad thing it is just another girls turn.


The funny thing about forever is nobody actually means it.

The ironic thing about love is everyone seeks it but no one can find it.

Like its hiding.


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    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      Thank you. My goal from the poem is to show that no matter how many looks black women have we all come from similar backgrounds and face the same struggles.

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 3 years ago from Kerala, India

      A very striking poem indeed written from the depth of the soul of a race abused for generations.

      The line: "My full lips spent years kissing masters ass to stay alive another day." hit me hard like a piece of rock. The is the power of a poem.


    • Abluesfornina profile image

      S Marie 3 years ago

      Wooh in a perfect world...that would be so nice :)

    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      Thank you. I try my best to be stereotyped by negative images people may think of us. God see us as equals we just need others to see it.

    • Abluesfornina profile image

      S Marie 3 years ago

      I "pinned" this I appreciated it so much. Hearing a sister doing it, saying it, standing in herself. Unfortunately this type of self affirmation continues to be necessary with the colorism that exist within the community as well as negative outside influences and images. Only God can level the field :) Beautiful work.

    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      Thank you for enjoying it.

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 3 years ago

      Nice to see you rising magenta. Hope you will continue to strengthen yourselves with your solid determination. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      @jodah I have my moments but I'm a hippie at heart. Thank you for the comment.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      This is powerful and empowering. Good for you for being proud and taking a stand. I can see your right from the heart and say it like it is.

    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago


      Thank you. I try my best to not fit negative stereotypes. All black women are queens its up to them to take the throne. Oh and thank you about the typo I will change it.

    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago


      Thank you. This is my first time actually writing my work on line I love advise of all kinds. I will make sure to check out the websites. I try to feel my words not just write them and I love seeing that others feel them as well.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      I admire your determination to "represent" not a "symbol of misconduct," but a queen. Your passionate expressions move me. I see great potential in your poetry. On HP, you can only get better.

      One little typo "There" should be the first word under Spoonful. Hope I read many more powerful lines from you.

    • profile image

      kyjds 3 years ago

      Hey, I love the beauty you put into each word and each sentence! I just wanted to give you a few links that may help you, as a poet, Magenta. and


      I've been submitting to a couple of the links since 2009 and I still am not published! But you? You are so fantastic, and I know you can do it! I believe in you.

      Thank you for letting me read your awe-inspiring poem and I wish you the best of luck. :-)