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I'm taking back all my wishes

Updated on February 18, 2012

Aram is good with words. Sayılabilirim say less often lied to. For example, "no" often bozuşuruz word.
Some people say no. I can not say how to say in life atsam. Then the people begin to make decisions on my behalf. Sometimes these people are my best friend, and sometimes my brother, my dad sometimes. Decisions taken by you or throat wash my dreams my words remain in the node "No," he kaynaklanıyorlar haykıramamamdan here.
Destroyed their dreams of taking to the hot eyes. That they do not have the language, to speak out. I want to scream. I have tried in vain for many years. I labor in vain. Why does every night before bed, I spent my dreams pass before my eyes. I always blow my dreams are ruined when I stand up again, the reason for all most of the time I hit the ground. Now, thanks to polls. Remove the inside out instead of trying to place them in new ones.
Maybe it is good to me again. I Was Already yırtmıyor for innovation lately? But the essential state of mind at the moment. I do not want your aspirations. Dünyasındaydı built my dream when I was young they are. He passed away. I do not have them anymore. I am one of a different more powerful, the problems of someone who has to flee. Every time she came across it again, am weak. Yoktunuz for years to come back to life and everything can change. We would benzememi.
Everything might be okay. Years later yutkunabilirim boğazımdaki nodes. But what was left behind. I cry when I cry with more people? I give up I'm taking back all my wishes. I do not want to go anywhere. I do not want innovation. I do not want anything. Pros and go back where they came from the inbox. Leave Me alışılmışlıklarımla. No one can flip back to me. I do not want to go with you anywhere.


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