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I'm Back for More

Updated on February 23, 2014


Well, I guess you could say i'm back for more. After three years of being gone, I've decided I needed to get back to basics. My last hub was to tell you to never stop writing. Well, I haven't ever stopped, I just got sidetracked by an injury for a while. Now, after so long being gone, I'm back to try it again. I'm sorry for my absence. To the few who've read my articles, I thank you. To those who haven't, I wish you would. No one is the best at what they do, they simply have followers that love what they do. Anyone who says differently is arrogant and egotistical. Ask Stephen King for example. It's been said he writes by the pound. But I have most of his books - pounds and all. His critics despise him, his followers love him. Me love. So take that bit of criticism as it was meant please; constructive.

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid
Dragon with a mad-on
Dragon with a mad-on

Here I Go Again

For the past few years, I've had an idea in my mind for a book. A sword and sorcery type of thing, on the lines of Dragonheart. In the movie Dragonheart, the hero, or anti-hero you could call him, played by Dennis Quaid, who is a self proclaimed dragon slayer. In his adventures he meets, or tracks down, a dragon, Drago, supposedly one of the last of his kind, voice played by the world known actor Sean Connery, and they team up to put on a 'play' for towns and villages. This play is for Quaid to 'kill' Drago and the villagers are so thankful they pay a reward. A scam of epic scope.

As the movie progresses we find that Quaid, in his youth trained a young king, Einon, and he was miraculously saved by Drago from dying with a piece of his heart. Therefore they are joined in spirit as well as in body. For if one dies, the other will also. Einon turns evil and Quaid and Drago must stop his rampage. (I thought a pretty descent movie.)

As I was writing I couldn't help but think of this movie. Maybe it was because of having such an iconic voice playing the dragon. (Sean Connery) Or such a well known star as Quaid play the lead roll. The story in truth isn't much of a tale. Hero makes good after finding his life hasn't counted for very much. And the dragons mirrors the hero. Basic stuff. But the weave of the tale is what got my creative juices going. And its that weave that kept it going to the end.

But my tale does have a little bit of a twist. In it, a young boy is found to be a wizard, and the dragon is the one training him. Along the way we find out how the dragon finds the boy, for the lad doesn't know he's a wizard, and we find the story will revolve around the boy, the dragon, and the Princess.

Did I happen to mention a princess before? Well, there is one. Oh, and a villian too. And a castle, a Kingdom, Gnomes (yes, Gnomes), Dryads, Elves, Dwarfs, and of course young love woven inside it all.

If the dragon, the boy, and the Princess gets any farther I'll let you know.

Until next time. Happy reading!


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