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Impact of Words -a poem

Updated on March 20, 2014
Copyright @ Nick Wolf
Copyright @ Nick Wolf | Source

Impact of Words

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never hurt me
This saying is a lie
Words can hurt just as much as the pain of a broken bone
"I hate you"
"You're a coward"
"What is your deal?"
"You're crazy"
"You disgust me"
"No one would even care if you were dead"
Sayings like those can make one feel utterly worthless
Don't let people's words define you
Don't let people's words break you
Be you
Be true to yourself
Stand up
People that always throw hateful words at you
And always point out your mistakes aren't worth having in your life
So let them go
Move on
Remove the toxic, hateful people from your life
No one is perfect,
But it's sad how so many times we come in contact with people who act and speak as if they are perfect
To those people I say:
"Get off your pedestal and stop using your words to hurt and degrade others.
Because in reality, you are just as screwed up as everyone else."
Words can hurt

Words do make an impact

-Nick Wolf 2/23/2014


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    • nwolf93 profile image

      Nicholas Wolf 3 years ago from Dana Point, California

      Hi Rose, thank you for your feedback. To answer you're question: I honestly wasn't writing for a specific reaction from the reader. I was just writing from personal experience of how certain people's words have hurt me. (But through the pain, I've gained wisdom and have grown!) I'm glad you liked this poem. Again, thank you so much for commenting. :)


    • RoseAsauresRex profile image

      Rose Maun 3 years ago from the sunny state of California

      I like this poem. it's emotional, when I was reading it i felt kind of upset...I was thinking to myself why would anyone say such hateful things? it was a thought provoking poem. was that the feeling you were going for - a feeling of justified frustration and anger?