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Impassive Passages

Updated on November 9, 2009

Impassive Passages.


They sit strapped
in wheeled chairs,
staring back to
who knows where.
Ancient faces
devoid of emotion,
blocking their
current situation,
as they run on
tiny mental feet,
back through the meadows
of their childhood long lost.

She lies mannequin like
without passion,
under the thrust
of his flesh,
in a marriage gone sour.
Dutifully fulfilling her vows,
as a repository of his lust,
but she feels nothing
except emptiness,
as he fills her.

He stands in
his oval office,
gazing out at a
discombobulated country,
his feet trapped
in a web of
his own making,
a lame duck.
As troops die
in futile causes,
he created under
false pretense,
while oil climbs
and his popularity
tumbles to an early grave.
A path he chose
to becoming,
Apathetic man....
A pathetic man.

She sways on
the rail of a bridge,
in the wee
hours of mourn,
gathering the courage,
to finally do something
about the nothing of her life,
A passing car
of young Punks
yells,"Jump, Jump!"
Just as she realizes
that nothing else matters,
She turns to face them,
spreading her arms wide
and then she is gone.
Free falling to
the rocks below,
as their mouths fall open,
and hers is closed
in a silent scream for help.

There are no
solutions for apathy,
for the people
who are drowning in it,
because that would require
caring and they don't.
Would you??



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