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Importance of Sports In a Student's Life

Updated on April 25, 2020

Do you remember your childhood days once you use to play outside for hours and hours? What an exquisite time it was? However, with the invention of the personal computer and mobile lifetime of the students are hooked such a lot that they spend most of their time on screens instead of playing which they ought to ideally do.

Sports are a crucial a part of society, country, and individual. In a method or the opposite, most are involved in sports of some sort whether one is playing or watching. Sports are considered as an important channel for the general development of a student aside from the studies.

Sports And Students

For students, sports are invaluable because they not only instil values but also are crucial for a balanced life. It is through sports that students develop qualities like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice and accountability. Sports develop values of companionship, mutual trust and sportsmanship. It helps in taking own decision and sharpen his thinking process. They teach to be unselfish and play for the team instead of for individual accomplishments. They also teach to simply accept defeat gracefully and handle disappointments, build self-esteem and confidence.

Importance Of Physical Fitness

Sports helps a child in developing his body both physically and mentally. It is an essential way of providing a vent to the physical energy which is in abundance in a developing child. They are also necessary for the physical fitness as they help to tone up the muscles and strengthen their bones. They motivate and energize youngsters thereby giving them a positive experience of life. The intake of oxygen increases during physical activity hence making the brain function better. Sports also help in academics as they formulate him mentally active.

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Types Of Sports

1. Individual sports

Sports in which a person competes individually are called individual sports. They can also be classified as solo sports.

Some of the famous individual sports are

  1. Badminton
  2. Tennis
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Swimming
  5. Golf

2. Team sports

Sports in which players are involved to work together for a shared objective are known as team sports. The main aim of the team is to accomplish an ultimate objective is usually to win. Members of the set goals make decisions, communicate with each other, try to manage conflict and solve various problems to fulfil their objectives.

Some of the team sports are-

  1. Football
  2. Rugby
  3. Cricket
  4. Basketball
  5. Hockey
  6. Volleyball

Misconception Regarding Sports

Many parents feel that sports hamper the studies of scholars it's a misconception, sports are recreational activities that only deliver a positive outlet to the of the youngsters but also keep them faraway from mischief and are an excellent source for reducing their stress level. Today, lack of physical activity has become an explanation for concern not just for schools but also for folks because it has led to a rise within the cases of diabetes, hypertension and obesity in children. Thus, the therapeutic value of sports can't be undermined

Unite The Nation Together

"Play to win, observe the rules, and act like a gentleman." - Claire Bee.

These magical words should be the foundation of every sport it's players.

One must also realize the potential of sports in bringing the nation together. They break obstacles and help in creating a better world, respecting cultural diversities and bringing peace. Sports play a massive role in nation-building and in guiding the youngsters in the proper direction.


At last, I just want to, conclude that with hard work and dedication a student can be transformed as a successful sportsman. If you really feel that you have the calibre than you just require dedication and sincere efforts to pursue your dreams. Many sports person who has done wonders in their field of sports have a lot of experiences to share such as Sachin Tendulkar in cricket, P.V.Sindhu badminton Leander Paes in tennis and the list goes on and on. Your favourite sport or sportsperson may vary but one thing which remains common is their hard work, devotion, discipline and sincere desire to pursue dreams to reality. In the end, remember " All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy and that education without sports is incomplete.

Holistic development of a student is possible only when he is physically fit and emotionally balanced and this is achieved through sports.


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