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Improve Motorcade Efficiency

Updated on June 9, 2020
James E TerrebonneBigDadd profile image

This article contains information regarding the obstacles motorcycle officers face and provides solutions to the problem

Improve Motorcade Efficiency


Improve Motorcade Efficiency

9 June 2020

Improve Motorcade Efficiency

A few years ago, I was hit by a truck during a motorcycle escort. I still remember everything about the day from the weather to the road conditions. The weather was sunny and warm. The road conditions were perfect for a good ride. The newlyweds had a brass band and everyone was drinking and enjoying themselves. As the convoy was approaching City Park Avenue, I initiated my necessary action objective. As I begin to stage, a black pickup clipped me, causing me to hit my head on the curb and then be propelled into a tree. An attempt was made to intercept the operator of said vehicle, but the operator got away. The lead bike could not abandon said detail. When I became coherent, I could observe a medium-sized crowd of people and everyone was attempting to render aid. The crazy thing is I got up and said, “I’m going to church for bible study.” A radio car arrived to take me back to the station to acquire my vehicle and I sure as heck went directly to bible study. I have undergone two neck surgeries and sustained a highly symptomatic traumatic brain injury. This issue could have been avoided if the operator of the black truck was more open to properly turn and adhered to the motorcade’s instructions.

This issue was very traumatic and it could have been avoided. The motorcade issued the objectives all vehicles were to adhere to. By not adhering to instruction and attempting to break ranks, this unknown individual collided with me and changed my life for the worse. I was released from my job of eight years because I was incapable of performing my duties. Likewise with the military: I was given an honorable discharge and released for medical reasons. I became depressed and discouraged. I lost everything: I lost my career, my car, my place, my wife, and my ability to properly function. I have herniated, bulging, and swollen discs in my back with pinched nerves that left me incapable of standing and walking. To this day, I experience difficulty standing which is caused by the pain in my lower back. My neck was so disheveled, I underwent two surgeries in an attempt to correct the damage. I will attest to the fact the surgeries were successful because I have functionality and minimal pain in my neck now. The discs and plates tend to get stiff once in a while and I have a moderate level of ability to move my neck. I no longer have the ability to fully use it. Worst of all is the traumatic brain injury. I experience vertigo, tremors in my hands, dizziness when I walk, migraines, and sensitivity to light. Sometimes I lose my balance when I walk, fall getting out of the tub and bed, and blurry double vision. I now attend Delgado Community College where I am majoring in Psychology and playing music on occasion.

The number of officers working motorcades should increase from two to at least three. That way a buffer is in place to monitor the progression with more freedom and flexibility. The issue is departments local and abroad are operating with a minimal amount of officers, needless to say, officers that are motorcycle certified are few, far, and in-between. Plus, pulling officers off patrol is detrimental to the operational capabilities of said department. Budgets are being cut and departments are having to adjust and operate on minimal funding. This causes lower morale, motivation, and caring. This affects the community because they prefer to see the officers in a more relaxed and approachable. Community policing takes a nosedive because the public expects to see officers actively engaging with the community. It creates a lack-luster atmosphere and the community becomes unsatisfied with the officers’ mood, attitude, approach, and operational capability. The community begins to withdraw and dislike the patrolmen.

Patrolmen can provide interception to the motorcycle units and provide a shield for the motorcade. The motorcade will then have radio cars protecting the motorcycle officers and ready to provide interception at a moment's notice. This way the motorcade can proceed with minimal interruption or impeding the box. Getting officers that know one another and have a great relationship and the motorcade will be gelled and positively negotiated with minimal fuss, agitation, and miscommunications. It is known that the same officers cannot work together all the time, so form an alternate unit with the same expectations as the first unit has. Avoid complacency by having the officers switch positions on occasion with the knowledge required for said position’s objectives conveyed to the required officer. This will minimize complacency and keep the officers alert. A motorcade was always meant to be fun and relaxing, and an experience like no other. Experiences include feeling the warm sensation of the pavement and the motorcycle’s vibrations sustain the officer operating the motorcycle. The officer sees, smells, and embraces the outdoors. Sometimes it rains, but rain gear is provided. The officers assigned to the unit become close and enjoy the details they work together, perhaps closer than any other unit in the department. Compensation is paid in substantial amounts in some cases up to two hundred dollars an hour with a four-hour minimum.

Do not get me wrong, if I was capable, I would return to law enforcement in the snap of a finger. The benefits are great, there is camaraderie, friendships, loyalty, and respect for one another. We spend holidays with one another and familiarize ourselves with one another’s wives and children. To this day, I keep in touch with the officers I had the pleasure of working with. We never miss a beat. Sometimes we meet up at the pub to interact and reminisce about the experiences we had, catch up on family life, encourage one another, and maybe have a beer or a coke. It becomes a time to reflect and release, and it all stays between us. We take an oath, not knowing we will experience the camaraderie, friendship, and love we have for one another We become brothers, we become family.


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