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In Memoriam: Manny Steinberg (1925 - 2015)

Updated on January 26, 2016
Manny Steinberg (1925-2015)
Manny Steinberg (1925-2015)

Manny Steinberg, born Hersch Mendel Steinberg in Radom (Poland), author, has died aged 90 on the 21st of December 2015 in Los Angeles. He was one of a handful of Holocaust survivors still living who experienced the inhumanities towards the Jewish people in WWII.

Manny Steinberg spent six years in concentration camps and was liberated in April 1945 with his one surviving brother Stanley and father Chaim. His step-mother, younger brother and the rest of family were all murdered.

Manny Steinberg’s legacy will live on forever in his memoirs and testimonies. He wrote his captivating story in Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs which has gained worldwide notoriety. The book is required reading in the history department at various universities. Twenty-five years ago, Steven Spielberg along with the Shoah documented his story in a testimony of the USC Shoah Foundation. In 2010 Phil Blazer from JLTV interviewed him on the show Main Street.

Manny Steinberg had never wanted to visit Germany again, until 2015. In April 2015 the 90-year-old author was invited, along with seven other survivors, to attend the commemoration of the liberation 70 years ago of his latest camp, Vaihingen.

The mayor, Gerd Maisch spent every day with the survivors during that week. (Cf. Vaihinger Kreiszeitung). Mr Gerd Maisch: “I am deeply saddened and distressed about the death of Manny Steinberg. It was my honor to meet and appreciate him in Spring 2015 in Vaihingen an der Enz, a town in which he suffered dreadful things during the Nazi era. He joined hands with us to reconciliate and we will hold him in honorable remembrance.”

They attended a memorial service for the thousands of people that were killed in Vaihingen and went to the local high school where the seven survivors along with German Ambassador’s widow spoke with the room full of teens. It was an emotional trip during which they also visited Dachau.

On the 27th of December 2015 Manny has been buried on Hillside Memorial (Los Angeles) near his brother Stanley with the picture of his mother he kept in his shoe for six years, a copy of his book and the American Korean War Veteran’s cap he so proudly wore. After the war, Manny Steinberg had come to the United States and decided to fight for America in the Korean War. So proud to be an American, his casket had a Jewish star on the left and the American flag on the right.

He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Wilhelmina Sear Steinberg (of Hopewell, VA), daughter Anita Steinberg Lavi, son Gary Bruce Steinberg, daughter Julie Ann Steinberg Orsatti, and grandchildren Paul La Grassa, Janet La Grassa and 4 great grand-children Joseph, Frank, Benjamin and Lexi.

"The world has lost a remarkable personality," said Liesbeth Heenk of Amsterdam Publishers. “Manny Steinberg has done us a great service by sharing his story about what happened to him and his family during WWII. His Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs is a one man's journey into hell and back without him losing his humanity, and testifies to the triumph of love and faith over evil.” On a personal level, Manny Steinberg showed his family and friends to be without bitterness and filled with compassion, in spite of his past. He was a true inspiration.

Outcry - Holocaust Memoirs

Manny Steinberg’s Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs appeared as paperback, eBook and audio and is available in English, French and Chinese. Later in 2016 a publication in Czech, Spanish and German will see the light. More than hundred and fifty thousand copies of his book were sold in 2015 alone. The thousands of positive reviews show that his story struck a chord universally.


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