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In Memory of the Fallen at Sandy Hook.

Updated on May 4, 2022

Butchers Among Us...Worst Case Scenario

In Memory Of The Fallen At Sandy Hook.

When that window crashed, confusion

flashed in the eyes of teachers stunned

till true understanding gripped them

as they heard the crack of guns

and I'm sure their first instinctual thought

was to grab their coats and run,

but they bravely stayed,

through the price they'd pay,

to protect their little ones.

Defenseless with just her bare hands

the principal chased him down,

then she lunged at him with no chance to win,

as she faced her final rounds.

Filled with courage that is seldom seen

against madness never cherished,

she tried to buy her teachers time,

and in that selfless act she perished.


I just can't fathom the horror

in those children's eyes that day,

as they watched their teachers gunned down,

then that demon turned their way,

extinguishing their innocence with a unquenched evil lust,

like some monster from beneath their beds,

turning all their dreams to dust.

After six adults lay dying and 20 precious tots lay dead,

he heard many sirens wailing and put a bullet in his head,

if each teachers spirits rising had the capacity to breathe,

I'm sure they saw him tumble and let out huge sighs of relief,

for all the children that he didn't get,

and fellow teachers blood not shed.

Then angels came to cradle all the cherubs who had fallen,

to take them to a place where guns would never come a calling,

And six educators souls all rose,

from life's hardest lessons taught,

while hell's minions dragged one maggot's soul

to the damnation he'd sought.


I just can't fathom the horror in those children's eyes that day,

as they watched their teachers gunned down,

then that demon turned their way,

extinguishing their innocence with an unquenched evil hate

but I know they're all in God's arms,

healed from pain at Heavens gates.

All that's left now is prevention, far too many students die,

while we scratch our heads and argue,

somewhere out there WAITS A GUY!!

with an itch to kill, and a date all planned,

till we once again wail "Why?? "

The solution is quite simple, no more students have to die.....

Take the troops all coming home from war,

who have no jobs and are idle,

pick the best who spent years over there

trained to spot those suicidal.

Arm them with non-lethal weapons

make their new fight something vital,

with each school their base, where they will patrol....

and remove what's homicidal.

Lest again we fathom horror in more children's eyes someday...

as they watch their teachers all gunned down,

and a demon turns their way,

extinguishing their innocence, with an unquenched evil lust,

we don't need gun control, we need patrolling guns

non-lethal heroes we can trust,

turning a madman's schemes to DUST!!!

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In memory of those fallen, and in hopes that we will never forget
and steadfastly CRY OUT!!...."Never Again!

** Authors Notes:

Also base them in the malls

and movie theaters,

and any place where the public gathers.

Will it be inconvenient? your damned right.

but it just might save your life,

or your dearest child's as well.

MFB III Productions
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
(c)-2012-all rights reserved-
including the right to bear arms
sensibly, locked up and unloaded
with the ammo also locked in a place
only the gun owner knows. PERIOD!
And if your loaded, un-locked up gun is taken
and used used to kill children
you must face the charges of
"Voluntary Child-Slaughter"
and do time in jail
for providing a madman
with his weapon.
Exclamation point.
Then very few will die.
at least it's a start,
before the next
group of precious children
and teachers are
finished forever!

From What Has Past....Leaving Presents, With No Futures.

Presents sadly untouched

this past Christmas morn,

bows and ribbons intact

with the wrappings not torn,

each one bought weeks ago

for a most precious child,

all now left there in sorrow

among families defiled.

20 stockings not emptied

by the chimneys all hang,

as haunting reminders

of the horror that sprang,

into the lives of the fallen

all the students who lie

in tiny white coffins

each one too young to die,

left remnants of a Sandy Hook,

turned into a claw,

that ripped through their school day

and destroyed them all.

Baby dolls all left orphaned

and toy cars left idle,

because classrooms were turned

into acts homicidal....

Moms and Dads left to wallow

staring sadly at stacks

of gifts undelivered

from Santa's huge sack,

How will they ever return

all the love that was packed

into presents unopened

by kids not coming back.

I can't imagine the pain

of a Christmas without

the patter of tiny feet

and each joyous shout,

that echoed so sadly

in the houses left vacant,

by that nightmare before Christmas,

and a monster so blatant,

who gunned down their children

in a volley of rounds

not just once,

but so many wounds,

in their tender flesh found.

Leaving parents with holidays

yet to come post-traumatic,

forever haunted by a demon

with a semi-automatic.

Say a prayer for each parent

asking God to grant peace,

as they face a new year,

filled with pain that won't cease,

as they pack up the gifts

for their children now gone,

placing each one in the attic

with no hopes to move on,

as they wake every morning

to a cold empty dawn.

There's a new cut in Connecticut,

a huge gash that won't heal,

there's a fear... that what was civilized

is no longer real,

there's no poem to describe

how each parent will cope

But we must demand solutions,

from our leaders...some hope,

that our own children never

will face such sheer hate

as a gunman on a rampage,

on some yet unknown date,

leaving us to mime Sandy Hook

after suffering its fate.

write letters,

call your congressmen,

before it's too late,

it's long past the time

such action can't wait.

MFB III Productions--

(c)-2012 Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

On a "Gee, but it's fun to be in Kindergarten day,"
where 6 year old's were learning all kinds of neat things,
and seven year old first graders were learning to add,
they suddenly heard for the first time ever
the sound of glass breaking, which didn't add up
in their locked and supposedly safe enviornment.

Thier eyes might have
widened a bit at the noise,
but there were crayons and
coloring to distract them.
But uncertainty disrupted
all thought processes that day
as evil insidiously crept in elsewhere.
leaving teachers trying not to show alarm
and pacing nervously in front of their charges,
with increased heart beats
and a premonition of fear.

Then began the thunderous
echoes of death,
staccato cracks of pain,
spreading tumultuous panic
in the halls and the classrooms
an absolutely insane sound
in such a haven of learning,
and the teachers suddenly knew,
each of them standing
unarmed in a battlefield,
thus like shepherds they herded
their precious lambs into closets,
they scrambled to lock doors,
and they prayed to a God strangely absent.

Now the children's foreheads
creased with consternation,
and some began to cry.
they could not comprehend
such deafening noise in a place
were they all had to be quiet so often.

The principal
a hero of a magnitude
most of us will never know
tried to stop the madman,
but had only her hands and
her anguished pleas...
her desperate "Please!!"
to defend herself and her staff,
and the children in her care.
She lunged at him regardless,
hoping to detain death,
knowing there was no other alternative,
and he shot her multiple times.

Then that skank demon from hell
went into classrooms
where little ones trembled
and systematically began butchering
innocence and its protectors.
not just in humane single shots,
but in an insane pummeling of bullets
from a high powered rifle.
All that was fresh and new,
in the flesh of these young students
was agonizingly extinguished
cruelly by a mindless madman.

Many children stood frozen
with horror filled eyes
as those around them fell,
because the teacher was dead,
and she could not
tell them what to do.
And so they died too.

Thankfully the wail
of sirens in the distance,
brought out the true cowardice
in this maggot, and he mercifully
shot himself, but only once.

I wish I could have been there....
I would have done him the favor,
but I would have put a bullet
in each inch of his worthless body
starting at his feet and working up
to his psychotic brain.

As he expired,
the spirits of all
of the children
and the teachers rose
from pale, bloodied flesh,
safe from any more hurt,
and they all saw that he had fallen too,
and if teachers spirits can breathe
I am sure there were huge sighs of relief...
for all the children and
fellow workers he didn't get.

Then they were cradled by angels
and taken to a place
where there are no guns,
no evil men, and no pain.

His foul spirit also rose,
amidst the carnage
that would be his
legacy of damnation,
and he was instantly dragged
kicking and screaming
to a hell that would magnify
the pain he wrought on earth
ten trillion times over snd over
again forever.

You see, God gave men free will,
and the options of choice,
to do good or too do bad.
He did not want to enslave us
but sadly such freewill
comes with consequences
If he stepped in
each and every time
there was evil loose among us,
we would all just be puppets
and he the great puppeteer.
Like robots all of us would obey,
and there would be no Connecticut
or any other such carnage
as we have known.
But make no mistake about it,
there is a hell
for those who step beyond
God's limits of free will.
and there is a heaven
for those tiny children
who died far too young.
And God weeps for such
catastrophes among his creations.
Killers and maggots
of this order are not granted
the oblivion of a death
without extreme punishments
they will suffer beyond any imagining
in a place designed for such scum.

Somewhere tonight,
just days before Christmas,
parents sit and wail
in agony over their loss,
there is little comfort
that can be offered,
there is no way to erase
the horrific scenes
that play and replay
over and over again
in their heads and hearts.
Even time cannot heal
such a scar as this.

There is no where safe anymore.
rage has become rampant,
there were six other
shootings this year alone,
over 330 students
have been killed
in the last ten years,
not counting the hundreds of injured,
that's 33 children a year.
Not counting the mall shootings
and the other public shootings that go on.

So where do you send
your child to school
when the killing has escalated.
How do you give your children a normal life,
when even a movie theatre can become a crypt.

Nothing is sacred anymore,
these were "Kindergartners" killed.
There used to be line in the sand
that said you don't hurt
Women and children.

But none of this matters to the 26
who will be lowered into the ground soon.
but it "better start mattering to us."
Because now we are all targets for
any nut case with a gun....or a bomb.

We need to put our very best
problem solvers on this and come up
with solutions to such carnage.

Let's stop worrying about tax rates,
fiscal cliffs and whose in charge,
because right now no one is.

We need to use our very best defenders,
who are coming home from two wars,
Troops who need work,
and have dealt with insane men,
suicidal scum in Iraq and Afghanistan daily.
We need to put them at all entrances
to campuses on checkpoints
for any and all who
enter school property.
plus they can patrol the campuses,
and keep them safe.

They won't stand around
outside the schools
in full body armor
while kids are being killed.
unlike deputies and police
who have in many cases...
waited till the shooting stopped??

These soldiers will instantly
run to the fight
and disable the cause.
long before too many are killed.
but they also will know
who just looks wrong
in the school zones
and nullify them before
they can even start shooting.

This is at least a start.

Sadly any hope
of such salvation
is finished in a place
called Shady Nook.

Are we all going to sit
and wait for it to happen again,
and then moan about how awful it is,
and write blogs that hope gun control
doesn't become more severe.

We can "control" guns
with men who know exactly
how to keep them from killing others.
Because if we don't fix this
some of us might be left crying
and hopeless in the same shoes.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas....
and a happier New Year.
But say a prayer tonight and
every night tong past Christmas
for those who had one less child
for Santa to bless this last Christmas MOURN.

MFB III- Productions(c)-2012-Art~Whimsically Yours Studio


Sandy Hook Remembered. 4 years later and still no solutuons.

© 2012 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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