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In Memory of Marvin-my big brother

Updated on December 14, 2012
Marvin and Pat (first wife-mother of his children
Marvin and Pat (first wife-mother of his children
Marvin with Deb and Me on each side and Hildi, his last bride
Marvin with Deb and Me on each side and Hildi, his last bride
A rose from me to Marvin
A rose from me to Marvin

down memory lane

What can I say about my brother Marvin, Mama’s first son

He was dependable, playful, believed in having fun

Marvin was the oldest, responsibility on his shoulder

He sometimes threw caution to the wind, became bolder

Not always wise, sometimes tempting fate

Like the day he led us up the mountain

to an old mine shaft when I was 8

We were living in Randsburg, an old desert town

Deserted mine shafts were easily found

Mama always warned us to watch out for each other

That day we could have been killed—thank you big brother!

However this was not the norm--for our big brother

When we had a broken heart we could cry on his shoulder

When Deb and Terry needed a father figure when we lost our Daddy

Who stepped up to fill the shoes? You guessed it, Marvin stepped in gladly.

Deb wanted to be a mechanic, make her car run

Marvin taught her to change tires and spark plugs

not so much fun!

And when the day came when I needed a white wedding gown

Marvin said, “I will buy your dress, though I can’t be in town.”

I said, “Are you sure, wedding gowns cost a big buck.”

He answered, “If I buy it, it will bring you good luck.”

Always there, through the good and the bad

Not just our brother, he assumed the role of our Dad!


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