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Memorials to Two Kitties

Updated on February 5, 2018
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Liz loves animals. Seeing them ill, hurt, or killed breaks her heart. She advocates for "adopt, don't shop" and TNR programs for feral cats.

1) In Memory of RudyCCat

This limerick was written during a "PawPawty" on Twitter, to remember a sweet kitty who passed from this plane too young. As with all our friends ("furriends") on the Cat Blogosphere, we did not know him or his family except here in the virtual world online, and sadly, we only "met" him when there was a post on the main Cat Blogosphere page alerting his "anipals" that he was ill. From there, things moved much too quickly toward the sad end.

As animal lovers, the loss of each and every companion animal starts the tears flowing and rips at the heartstrings. Our pets truly are full-fledged members of our families, and serve a very useful purpose of calming our stresses in these trying times.

It matters not that we did not personally know the pet or its owners; only that another kind, animal-loving human has been deprived of the unconditional love and companionship of a beloved friend. And so, RudyCCat, wherever you are across the Rainbow Bridge, this is for you and your family:

The Handsome Rudy C Cat

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Rudy C Cat, the BeautifulBig StretchWatching SquirrelsSitting PrettyA Nice Nap
Rudy C Cat, the Beautiful
Rudy C Cat, the Beautiful
Big Stretch
Big Stretch
Watching Squirrels
Watching Squirrels
Sitting Pretty
Sitting Pretty
A Nice Nap
A Nice Nap | Source

A Memorial Poem For Rudy

Wherefore are thou, RudyCCat?

I've gone to the Bridge with a tip o'the hat.

Oh, sad eyes are leaking,

It's comfort we're seeking.

We'll meet up again, now; be sure of that.

Our Beautiful, Silly Soot

Silly Soot tries on a box.
Silly Soot tries on a box.

2) For Soot

This poem is a memorial to our own kitty, Soot. She lived far too short a life, leaving us to cross the Rainbow Bridge at only 4-½ years of age after suffering a series of mystery fevers during the prior year or so. The veterinarian had run every test, all of which came back negative. It remains a mystery, and it was a devastating shock.

The poem was originally written while she was still with us; I later changed the tense to form a memorial for her.

In Memory of Soot

Soot was a very nice cat,

Who wore a soft coat, velvet black.

Pet her, she'd purr

As you stroked her fur.

And add a cute tail to all that.

(The last line references that she was either part Manx or American Bobtail, and had a cute, short stubby tail.)

Sootsie asleep with nose in shoe!
Sootsie asleep with nose in shoe!
Soot falls out of bed....
Soot falls out of bed....
"Ahhhhh....a nice place to nap.  Shhh...don't tell Mom!"
"Ahhhhh....a nice place to nap. Shhh...don't tell Mom!"
Soot says, "See? I knew I'd fit in this box!"
Soot says, "See? I knew I'd fit in this box!" | Source

© 2010 Liz Elias


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