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In Response to Beyond the Mountains Of

Updated on May 19, 2015

Another Dimension

In response to Beyond the Mountains Of

Another Dimension

Beyond the horizon

Is another life dimension

Another chapter unfolds

One man boldly holds

He is the sole refuge

Even in times of deluge

He’s known not to buckle

He will boldly tackle

No wonder he’s a super hero

Being worshipped by his alter ego

Doesn’t think of it a fraught

Even his efforts will come to naught

At the end of the day

What’s left, is kept at bay

A man who knows nothing

Is left still wondering

The world is for all to see

Yet, he let others be

He, in his own nook

Just left it on the hook…

With nowhere to go

Seeing all gone to zero

Has left him confused

Isn’t life been infused?

What shall you do?
if confusion hits you?

Will you be confounded
All the more bewildered?

yet in the end,

What matters is

The things that are amiss
are found beyond the bend…


Superman Themesong


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