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In Search Of...

Updated on September 20, 2014

Let Inspiration Be Your Muse

Permit Inspiration to be a Guiding Light peering through the aperture and glimpsing a view of the neurotics' perspective. "O let there be light to brighten the darkest path", exclaims my inner soul. "Be a beacon trekking the rocky road that stretches before my feet". A coin falls from my grasp and hits the pavement, resonating tonal sounds. Music to the listener's ear drums. Its rhythm possesses primitive percussion vibes. The audio summons the video to task. Fingers out of nowhere descend upon the shiny metal piece gleaming on the wet slate sidewalk. Colors of streaming chalk swirl as if they are ice skating on the slate. Sidewalks that must date back to the time of my immigrant grandparents' arrival to the land of promise. Dreams that have not been analyzed by Sigmund Freud or researched by Calvin Hall are existing on this paper. This paper which I refer to is electronic. No hard copies am I chattering about. As my feet ascend the rocky trail, a smoky apparition appears before my fading eyesight.


Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation determines the creative and imaginative flow of vital nutrients to this electronic tale of winding curves and roller coaster heights. Take flight in descending as if a soul were to loose grip and fall to the ground like an autumn leaf. Luckily the colorful parachute opened. The earth is even now with its grassy green tickling the bottom of one's feet. The long weeds pierce through between the toes, providing tickling sensations to make one laugh.

The apparition is the veil of mist which drapes the trees and touches the grass. The crickets sing a late summer's tune. As I walk through the mist, it tingles my naked shoulders. "O to bear my body to these dewdrops from Mother Nature's sorrow, I wrap this body in a cloak of wool. My head shall rest upon the fallen leaves of the mighty tall trees.".


Who Is...

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All Pathways Lead To...

Follow the pathway that continues on the long journey of your aspirations. Driving through the STOP sign will only curtail your ambitions, leading to a screeching halt! Look both ways and be aware of your surroundings. Pace with the outer edges of your feet. placing them down first; in other words tiger walk. Your eyes must stare forward, yet observe your peripheral vision. You are one with the forest and the universe; as is the forest and the universe one with you. The journal is your bible. Take good care of it and keep it handy. The pen is a ray of light shining upon the parchment that will illustrate your imagination.


Is the zone of twilight

Blocking your vision in the night?

Do not feel those feelings of fright

Step ahead but watch your pace

Stare in the mirror and observe your face

Look at the curtains, are they cotton with lace?

Do they dance with the wind or are they at rest?

Can you feel your heart pounding, just inside your vest?

Will the window let the breeze pass through

In the kitchen were the coffee brews?

The newspaper on the table, exposes the news

The music I hear, is it classical or blues?

As I close this book

My eyes chance to take one last look.


In Closing...

In Closing the words that are brewing in my mind as my brain commands my fingers to type this is... we will leave that thought hanging if the reader does not mind. The breeze blowing from the electrical fan is providing a much needed comfort to... we will leave that thought hanging also. This computer is a Godsend, transmitting words in abstract thought. Abstract thought can be broken down and translated by the creative individual. That is why we are all here sharing this site with one another and with individuals who like reading our expressive statements.The ideas are hanging out there on the clothesline with plastic clothespins holding onto the wet wash. Remember that was the way to dry the clean wet laundry back in the age. Since I had already aired my laundry out there for all to see perhaps, yes maybe, a miracle shall bestow upon my writings. Then again it may be wishful thinking. In closing may I recommend keeping the creative fires burning with its light illuminating the vestibule of your domain!


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    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile imageAUTHOR

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 

      4 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      Thumbs up to you goodnews11! Thank you for your commentary and thank you for becoming "one of the flock".

    • goodnews11 profile image


      4 years ago from CHENNAI

      Great Hub.. Voted up!! Awesome.. Following you now..


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