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In The Dance Of The Air The Trees Echo.

Updated on April 5, 2017
Gina Welds-Hulse profile image

Student of life, lifelong learner, mother, writer, artist, poet, dancer, musician, and martial artist ... passionate about all of these.


In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Till their furies come, those wizened old crones

but I had to say, "it's time to go.

I want to be alone."

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Make that pirate walk the plank!

Rockets in the sky and toads below.

That sweaty pirate really stank.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

The sun sparkles, and sprinkles not the rain

Sip, look at the stars, and feel the shiver in your spine, oh!

For here we go, for when?

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Got up afraid and tripped on various dogs

Summer burns on, and my insanity grows.

The pigs bark, and hark! A dog!

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

My feet are smelling and my nose is running.

I broke the window

But can it all be said, or are we just wasting time wondering?

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

I weep, for I know that none shall ever take up my burden,

Through all this pain my roots will surely grow.

Soon you will smell the the fragrant aromas of gentile gardens.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Darkness will fade into scarlet lust

The deafening sound of screeching crows

But this is not the place to discuss all that smut.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Pollen flew free and I started to sneeze

Who would've thought the feeling gone?

Loving glances--moonlight--pixie stix.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

All the ghosts have begun humming.

Hang your head over. Hear the wind blow.

Endless raids on my energy and mind.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Like birds with arms it seemed surrealistic

For fall comes too fast, when fallen leaves cause earth's tilting

Kiss the sky and don't you dare swat that bee.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Hairspray disasters don't wanna look

Gliding along in the canoe of life, row by row

a brick of cheese and gnarled book.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

A name in any non-prose is still a name

I met the Queen; she said, "Hello"

I'm a lunatic just the same.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

And there they will be found

While singing a strange new falsetto

So overly abound.

In the dance of the air the trees echo,

Watching the chunky bits float gently to the ground

And now I'm in limbo, with silent sounds

Solemn sounds of life's unrest, beyond the cries of loneliness.

© 2017 Gina Welds-Hulse

© 2017 Gina Welds


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