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In Too Deep

Updated on February 20, 2021

 I keep doing it wrong
but I keep singing along
this sad sad song
I'm in too deep
when I fall asleep
and counting sheep
get me high
let my arms reach the sky
and tell me one more lie
move left to right
pick a fight
just for tonight
fall down
and touch the ground
clap your hands without a sound
dance on your feet
makes ends meet
acclompish a great feat
pardon me
sing me a another soft melody
without an apology
please don't mess with my head
as we lay here in bed
forget the things we said
fill me with doubt
what is this all about?
you don't have to shout
a life we're tempted to trade
hating the choices I've made
stop me I'm afraid
will you see me again?
where do I begin?
forgive my sins
you know who I am
full body exam
this isn't a scam
go back to square one
we have just begun
so get up and run
take a car ride
to the other side
of the world tonight
I hear your voice in my head
not loud, but really low instead
hope is the only word said
I know
put on a show
keep the lights low
find the exit sign
and make you mine
we don't have much time
stop asking strangers
avoid the dangers
control your anger
keep one eye on me
get straight and see
expect to just be
burn your paper fingers
on cigarette filters
and let the smoke linger
swollen lips
swaying hips
shaven mind trips
wear socks today
on my carpeted hallway
and give me a shock on my birthday
look out my first floor window like a statue
catching a birds eye view
and get a new hairdo
get high on this buzz begging
feel the rush plugging
deep inside causing a flushed feeling
pleasure yourself
kiss my puckered mouth
I can't stand to be by myself
fuel this belief
make it brief
you petty thief
construct these words
and move backwards
set all your passwords
build me up with your hands
keep your feet on the grounded lands
stand tall and give commands
skip town
slow down
and take a step down
let's head west
where the sun's at its best
a true life's test
push me all the way
change me today
together we'll stay


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