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In Transition

Updated on April 17, 2016

So Close

You have to be patient and wait

Like smelling coffee when it's brewing

You keep on putting yourself out there

In the open for everyone to criticize and poke fun

You have your dreams and goals

Day after day you follow your vision

Other people friends and family alike

All jump on the band wagon making noise

As if it was a party bus

Where you are roasted in fun

Don't you get it

No I don't and I never will

I can easily find many more ways to have fun

That don't embarrass and make anyone feel uncomfortable

At someone else's expense

Isn't it time we all grew a pair

We learn to help instead of hurt

Isn't that what life is really about

Somewhere along the way there was a short circuit

Instead of fixing the problem

People leave it alone and think it will work itself out

In some things that is true

I don't have the right answer

What I do know is how it feels to be the underdog

Always reaching for something more

People say don't you get tired

I answer right back in a flash

You bet I do

There is a deep desire to carry on

Like I am a horse drawn carriage with no driver

There are times I go wild

More importantly there are times

I take a road no one else has ever traveled

That is when I stop and wait

It won't be long now

I can feel it

So hard to explain but air will keep trying

An unknowing that I can't give you any solid evidence

Except I feel it in my soul

It's who I am

As I try to do everything in my power

I think this is the moment I have worked so hard for

Thos is my big break

Ican finally enjoy what I have rightfully earned

While everyone else was busy going and doing all the things they love

Enjoying the day watching t.v. and relaxing

Reminding me I take life to seriously

Then I feel confident and tell them watch

Not for bragging rights

just a way of justifying my sanity

As I look for signs

As my breath slows down

I feel in ia touch of prosperity

Here comes the moment

If I was a dog I would of piddled on the carpet

I reach out to touch the sky

I feel one rain drop then another

Refreshing and truely a great love of mine

It begins to rain

Not the moment ai had hoped for

Once again I have been fooled

Enjoying this moment and the one that comes right after it

All I feel is blessed

I didn't know what to expect

I am pleasantly surprised

I will never feel sad about nature and all it's beauty

I raise my head

Lifting it higher than before

Once again a little bit of a shock

Leaving all sad feelings in the dust

Like a horshoe that lands on it's mark

A ringer

No one can dispute the thing they see

It is this moment that I will never forget and other people let the memory fade

Like water colors on a sunny day

Until next time reporting everyone healthy and happy in my family

As I am so quickly to notice

Even though I watch

My own version of closed caption

It gives me a sense of real meaning

Some day I wish you the same feeling

Once you have it

You know that's all you can think about

You might think I have gone a little too far

I call it sex for the brain


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 22 months ago

      tsmog Every day a new challenge. shanmarie Bonding with others who face the same uncertainties of life. Putting our best foot forward. Thank you both for your time and comments.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 22 months ago

      I feel like you've just described many moments in my past. Even now, there are moments like that refresh my desire to keep going and to keep trying.

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 22 months ago from Escondido, CA

      Eye opening and certainly fill full . . . next. Thank for sharing and blessing me with a pause.