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A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken

Updated on October 4, 2014

Chapter One- Supposedly Perfect

A hot July night, the air thick from an unexpected afternoon rain that drove many fourth of July party goers in doors to dryer quarters.The rain had since ceased. Now little children played in the leftover puddles with the bright light from their sparklers illuminating their happy faces, smudged with a mixture of dirt, juice, ice cream and barbeque sauce.It was a happy day, full of excitement and laughter. But most important it was the last time I would find myself truly happy. I remember it like it was yesterday...smoke filled the night as explosions upon explosions burst in the darkened sky, lighting everything up in multicolored happiness. My father's arm was draped across my shoulders while my little brother sat high up on his. My mom's hand was laced with mine, perfectly completing this look of a picture perfect family on a picture perfect night and at that moment I thought it really was...picture perfect. I went to sleep with the echoes of laughter and booming of on going fireworks the late night drunks couldn't get enough of. I hadn't minded though, I was on a joyous cloud nothing could bring me down from at least not until...

It was late when I woke the next day. Dreams of my first kiss lingered in my mind as the shinning sun shown through my open window. There is where I should have known something was wrong, I never leave my window open. Anyway, I swung my legs over the side of my bed that squeaked with every move I made. I smiled to myself remembering the wonderful night I had. I was accepted into the college of my choice, the guy of my dreams kissed me under the fireworks and my mother and father got back together after being divorced for six years. I was in sweet bliss, everything was perfect and as it should be.

Teeth brushed, blatter emptied and shower taken I headed down stairs for a quick breakfast before going to meet Wyette at his house. I arrived in the kitchen, it was oddly quiet. Usually my mom and dad was up, going about their daily activities while my nine year old brother sat at our kitchen island complaining about having to get out of bed so early during the summer time. That was my second warning but again I thought nothing of it. After the late night we had most everyone would have slept in, right?

I left in the porsche my father got me two years ago for my sixteenth birthday. The sun was bright kissing my brown skin with it's warm rays. I was floating on my happiness, joy radiated from every cell. I thought I would be that happy forever. It's sounds stupid now when I think back on it, I should have known something so wonderful could never last forever. For me it didn't even last a day. I realized halfway to my new boyfriend's house that I'd left my cellphone sitting on my nightstand in my rush to leave. I shook my head but I hadn't felt like taking the time out to go back and get it. Had I known what was going to happen I definitely would've took the time to turn around. I spent half the day with Wyette, smiling and laughing and kissing. Things couldn't get any better. Little did I know how horribly true that statement would be. It was half past six when I left, grinning like some idiot kid who's parents just let her have cake and ice cream for dinner. And I stayed that way my entire drive home. It wasn't until I wound my way up our two mile drive that led to our mansion that I found out something was wrong. It was still sunny out seeing that it was the middle of summer so I hadn't noticed the flickering red and blue lights until I was almost to them.

Cop cars, at least five of them and an ambulance was parked out side my home. My hands immediately started to tremble. I hit my brakes and jumped out of my car, police surrounded me as soon as my feet hit the gravel.

"Leave me alone, move out of my way!" I yelled because by this time the panic rising in my chest was threatening to strangle me to death and I was trying my best to keep it at bay.

"Ma'am, ma'am! Calm down!" They told me. But I didn't listen, I was too busy trying to get past them and to my family. I almost slipped by them but two huge men in uniform took hold of my arms, there was nothing I could do.

"Let me go!" I cried. "I have to get in there!"

Another cop steps in front of me. He was sort of tall but thin as a stick. He had greasy looking black hair and a crooked smile. I knew right away that he couldn't be trusted, he looked way too sleezy to be of any help to me. He seemed like one of those guys that acted all big and bad but usually had everyone else do his dirty work.

"Look missy," he said. Had I not been so horrified by the situation I would have laughed right in his face because when he said the word "missy" the gap between his yellowing teeth made the s's come out as a whistle, something I've only ever heard on Winnie the Pooh. "If you don't calm down we'll be forced to take you in." He threatened me.

That caught my attention. I saw what jail was like, I watched those Scared Straight shows since I was ten and that was not some place I wanted to be, ever. So I did as Mr. Sleeze asked and calmed down, even though it took a lot in me to do so.

"That's a good girl." He patted my head, it took so much in me not to slam my fist into his pimply face right then and there. "Now, tell me, who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Haven't you been in the house?" I asked rather rudely.

He signed, his breath coming out in waves of hot cheese and moldy bologna. I wrinkled my face and clogged my nose just in case he felt the need to assault me with his breath again before he answered. "Of course."

"Well, I'm in almost every picture hanging on the wall in there. Isn't it obvious that I live here!" Yea, I got smart with a policeman, probably not the brightest thing to do but I couldn't help it. He was asking me stupid questions and I can't stand when people ask me stuff they already know the answers to.

He sighed again, it probably took everything in the goons holding me not to faint. Or maybe they clogged their noses like I did. Hell, they worked with the man it had probably been an automatic reflex by then. "Look little girl, just answer the questions."

Unfortunately I couldn't stand there baiting Mr. Sleeze or I would've never got in to see my family and find out what that mess was all about so I told my own special way of course. "I'm Dana Perks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perks, older sister to Danny Perks and resident of this here house." I'd said it in my best southern bumpkin accent and I was quiet pleased with myself since it seemed to tick off the questioner. I even smirked a little. He tried to act like my smart mouth hadn't bothered him but I could tell that it had just by looking at the angry glint in his ginger brown eyes.

"Well miss mouth, it seems as though your parents have gone missing and your little brother has been home all day...without his inhaler."

My heart dropped and I fell to my knees, I hadn't understood. What had he meant by my parents were missing? They couldn't have been and they've never left Danny alone, especially without his inhaler. He'd had severe asthma since the day he was brought home from the hospital, they would never. The panic was creeping it's way back into my chest, squeezing my heart so I could barely feel it's beating.

"W-where's Danny!" I screamed, barely able to control my tears and I was already beginning to blame myself. Why hadn't I checked on everyone before I left? I had known it was weird when nobody but me was up. If Danny would've been all my fault.

"Don't worry girlie," Mr. Sleeze said, "Your brother has been taken to the hospital. He's in intensive care but all in all he should be okay. It's your parents that you should be worried about...their the ones that's missing." He twisted his face in what was probably supposed to be a sympathetic expression but had looked more to me like a mocking one. As if to say, bet nothings funny anymore. And it wasn't, nothing was perfect.

Please tune in next week for another chapter of A Lost Truth- Perfectly Broken


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    • Sweets21 profile image

      Sweets21 3 years ago

      Why thank you Jodah, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I've already started so it just might be put up soon!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      This is very good Sweet21, and I am anxiously waiting part two. Voted up.